Work in progress with Santisima Muerte

Hello everyone so I’m still new into the world of the occult, last night I worked on a ritual with Santa Muerte which required me to let a candle burn down completely so that then after I would go to a crossroads and hang a bag from a tree. My question here is, the candle just finished burning. It is now 8:34 am and I am wondering if I should go to the crossroads now or wait until night? I am trying to do this ritual right for better results and I would truly appreciate any and all help.

I would say go with your first instinct. Unless she has told you to go at a specific time I feel as long as you carry out to completion, she will understand and fulfill your wish

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Hello, she did not give me a specific time. And my first instinct is to go in the night since the moon has a lot to do with the ritual too. Also I feel like I would have more privacy during the night. I know she is amazing and understanding. Thank you for your help!

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It sounds like you have your answer. Good luck completing the ritual