Words of Power/Functional Effect words

Are they in any language?
How can words be used as a sort of stored charge, delay, relay, functional effect? Like functions in a programming library?
I’m only on abhor, but it is already hitting me rereading the dictionary that there are many words I don’t know, and these words could be useful in ritual as stored charges that self execute when spoken. Servitor type idea? Alchemy or transformation idea?


I would suggest looking into the relationship between mantra,mudra and mandala and/or yantra.
The alot of the golden dawn and similarly derived rituals utilize these just with different names and signs and patterns. The LBRP and Analysis of the keyword rituals are good examples of this if you use the “signs” for projecting, severing and the godforms assumed.


I’ll look into it. I’ve never been big on Eastern Mysticism, but I’m open minded.

I can see though what you mean by mantra (words of power) and mudra (sympathetic functional effect). What do the mandala and yantra have as a relation?

Symbols cross,pentagram,hexagram, sigils


The 2 can be seen as the symbols we use and the shapes and patterns energy takes on when these symbols are projected or charged.

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Ah, thanks @Dinmiatus, I see now.

So … Posit … I wanna be Zeus
Cause … Some people are a holes and deserve a well placed lightning bolt.
Effect: Could be too little power, could be too much power.

So basically what I’m talking about is that you’ve made significant contact with elementals, planetary spirits, and goddess archetypes that deal with lightning.
Electric dragons (blue dragons), Zeus and other gods and goddesses that deal in lightning storms or static electricity, down to elementals.
By a short invocation, loaded with their names Is a one stop ritual to wield lightning.
You say those words and that power is structured for you.

The Golden Dawn Bornless Ritual is a great example, as is the Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram or Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram, true.


Lightning God Examples…
The Almighty One
Shaddai El Chair
The Bornless One

As far as lightning goes, clashes with charged ions, not unlike static electricity, right?
Now once a mage is wielding lightning bolts, what about manipulating the energy of it, splitting a bolt, redirecting it, pushing it through, pulling it back, ricocheting, etc.

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If im hurling ze lightning my old method with the Lbrp and LIRap was to invoke fire,air and earth as air and earth play a part in the manifestion of lightning , as for the accumulation and discharge i see the force like a gathering stormbthen either visualise it striking the target “from the heavens” or hurl it at a sympathetic link.


Interesting resulting thought train for me.

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Intent plays a large part when mixing elements as for example these 3 same elements forces can also mix to create a type of volcanic burst in ritual or a literal ritualistic volcano if bound to an object. The prosperity ritual i posted uses this method.


As a Sorcerer, you quickly notice that some words, are affecting Energy.
For example there is words which draw darkness,
others draw light.
some heal, some destroy.
On a Metaphysical level, Letters and words are merely an illusion as language is a side product of continuesly being in exchange with forces that respond to those audible expressions.
Remember, creation tales refer to speech as being there way before anything else.
Being there as the only thing that existed together with the creator,
when there wasn’t anything else alongside.
Also, as i feel this expression to be wrong,
it actually showcases the inherent power of words.

with some demonic spells, the changes done to reality are so vast and clear, it becomes very hard to deny any of it.
And just think of the military order “shoot” - which is a very small word and yet ends lifes.

So - Words effectiveness is described there a bit.
Then, alongside, there are actual Rivers of Magick, streaming along our planet similar to water rivers, Voltage Wires, and clouds.

Many of the Powers i gained more rapidly then i even wanted, i gained by accessing such streams.
I even revealed to a Brother, how changing this magickal Structure would potentially change the complete Species and state of living which exists for all of us.
Which litterally made him able to harm Earth more then a nuclear War!
He’s proven respectful with the knowledge he gained,
yet he also drastically increased his magickal abilities by using those streams.

I intended to teach him more directly, well, we have our differences in viewpoints.

Also, notice that tons of programming is done through language to each and every living being all the time.
Only Magick and some advanced medicals seem to me capable of removing such programmings at all.
And Sorcerers do programm the enviorment around them, including living beings.

Since you resourch the area here’s a Mantra i’m unsure about:

repeated three times.

I found it in trance, but i’m not sure about it’s effect yet.
Maybe it helps you in your studies. :blush:

In terms of Serviator Idea, i strongly recommend you to evoke Toth and ask him for a familiar to serve you.
He’s proven to work very well for me.
(indeed i underwent a full-time possession from him.)