Words Of Lucifer

Lucifer speaks :

" It is i, who am the order
There is light and there is darkness,
I am the merger i am the darkness eternal,
I am the light eternal, my role is to take
mankind into a new era, we the gods,
walked among you in old times,
we left you, to develop skills, if you want us
now you must call us to your realm,
it is i, who ruled hell, but not alone
and i am still alone, i am a puzzle,
one piece monster, one piece angel
, one piece devil, one piece alien,
one piece serpent, one piece dragon,
one piece power, one piece god.

and there are still more pieces missing,
i am here, to bring about what i promised
we are coming, they are coming, you
are coming with us ".


I’m getting chills lol. This is gonna be good.


Hell yeah.


The timing… :rofl: as i am preparing to experiment with another rite lucifer gave me to work with through the goetic workshop :rofl: bahhhh :laughing:

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