Wolf with yellow eyes

Hi. I called upon lucifer with blood from my finger. Immediately after chanting and opening the ritual either a piece of ash or a spec of blood fell into the beginning wax and it about represents lucifers sigil. I went into a vision. I saw lucifer coming towards me on a black sand beach with a long leather jacket that went all the way to the beach… i turned and I see just yellow eyes in the dark. Yellow eyes almost asking me if i was afraid. I said was not afraid and the eyes became a wolf. So strange. I’ve never encountered a wolf in my visions before. Does anyone have any insight?


Did you sense any other wolves nearby? They typically run in packs, so I thought I’d ask.

You’re sure it’s not Fenrir? Odin also had a few wolves.

I know most known pantheons had some form of wolf or wolf form in them. Did you pick up anything else in the dream? Any small detail pertaining to the wolf that seemed relevant or specific?

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One wolf. It was pitch black ill never forget the intensity of the eyes. It was just the eyes in the dark when I said I’m not afraid he appeared in his wolf form. I was then snapped out of the vision. I’ve never encountered Fenrir nor have I studied him before. Thank you for the help and for a lead. :heart:


Could be a spirit animal too. Or maybe you need wolf medicine in your life.