Woke up to a spirit

This morning, like 4, I tried to turn my heater down but I knocked it over. As I leaned out to pick it up, and saw a 6 and a half foot man standing there. He was well built and human looking. It shocked me and when I blinked he disappeared. Didn’t feel scared but was shocked. (Seriously this sounds like the opening of a paranormal gay fan fiction…) But any insight on this. He was marble white and healthy looking. I doubt he was dark spirit


Everything has lightness and darkness inside of it. [quote=“telgega, post:1, topic:19198”]
But any insight on this.

Was he bothering you?

Nope just surprised me

Oh. Just keep up your shields for safety.

Is he still there?

too bad it wasnt a sexy lady spirit like @Rcs4215 had :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t tell. He disappeared when I blinked

Oh. I’d just banish and shield.

I’m trying to figure out why it was there and what it was

For that, divination

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Anything else you picked upon, unusual features besides the marble colour? Hair colour or maybe jewellery? Symbols? Or energy coming from it.

Male over 6 and a half feet. Looked like a body builder. Looked more human then human and wore all white

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Lol paranormal gay fan fiction. That’s right Telgega… The gays are coming for you!


Ughhhhh -_-

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I had a thought, i did some testing in my room this morning and discovered that perhaps what i saw wasn’t as tall as i had imagined, at the angle i saw it it looked large. I live in a apt so i doubt there should be any haunting i’m wondering what i sw was my astral double,