Without results

I was doing invocation of Lilith 3 days 1 Day each for almost 1 hour chantin and visualisating and nottin happend.
My body was relaxed i was feeling floating (not head, head and mind was still conscoius).also used isochronic hemisync. Didnt even get sigil open in 3d like others had said before. Any ideas?

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Did you made an offer?
Spoke to her?
Also, did you work with entities before?

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you have any idea how entities communicate?

From reading only cus i never tied Evo/invo

Maybe you don’t see the signs or feelthe prescence yet?
it is something you have to learn.

Ask for CLEAR signs

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Maybe it’s an experience thing - no disrespect.

I always feel something, even outside of ritual and just inwardly contemplating the entity I can get sensations of how they feel to me. If there was indeed no presence coming through I would sense how that is intentional.

So practice makes perfect. Maybe try evoking an entity that Lilith works well with? I’m thinking more Lucifer than Naamah, I think the go is people want to connect with Lilith before her daughters. Sort of like “get in good with their friends/superiors first” but do what you feel guided to, I suppose.

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Completely agree with you.

Lucifer was for example one of the first entities i’ve felt the prescence from when i look back, but i didn’t opend up to any entities in the beginning because i was to afraid.

Years later i realised i’ve felt the prescence of almost all of them, even when i thought i didn’t received any feedback or so.
But it was me, i was too inexpirienced and too afraid for full conmmuniaction


Another thing to realize is that these things take time. Though Hollywood would make you think otherwise, magick is a slow and gradual process. Keep at it though and you’ll eventually get there.


A couple of things I would like to point out. The first is that there is no need to visualize the spirit. This is how thoughtforms are made and you are setting yourself up for trouble with that approach.

Secondly you need to research the topic of subject synthesis/ preparatory immersion. Your lack of results ultimately stems from a lack of preparatory immersion.


Did that this week, now tried with naamah. Still no results…
I was gazing on sigil till it starting to dissapear and changin. Then i invoke naamah but with no obvious results. Ehhh

I have trouble too. Actually I’ve never had a sigil blink or anything and I’ve been meditating and practicing magick for years and I’ve had plenty of results but working with spirits and entities is new to me. I have put effort into communicating with the heathen gods for a year before moving toward demons and the like.

The two I’ve evoked are Lucifer and Beelzebub. I’d already been interested in both for a long time… before I even started this. But still, I did extensive research and read a whole lot on this forum too. When I evoked Lucifer, nothing. When I evoked him the second and third and fourth and fifth time…nothing. I had a dream about making a pact with him that didn’t make any sense and that’s all that came of it.

With Beelzebub, same thing. I’ve tried for him more times. I’ve done it inside and outside. No sigil flashing, no sounds, no signs after. I’ve asked for clear signs repeatedly. I’ve told him to show himself or to manifest in an audible nature. The closest thing I’ve gotten was feeling nauseous and feeling better after cleansing the room. Clearly something left, but I can’t be sure what.

My strength is sensing energy, like in people and animals and even plants. I was told my feeling sick helped prove that I’m absorbing entities energy too and it’s too much or out of harmony. I have to agree that i can because I’ve felt spirits regularly in my life that I couldn’t explain. I never worked with them before more recently, but throughout my life, and even now, I can sense them. I’ve sensed something in my basement even that has since gone.

I’ve cast aside all fear. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the rituals. I’ve tried different variations. Initially, I was a little intimidated but I cut that shit out and started going into it fully expecting an outcome. I’ve done offerings. I’ve asked what offerings they may like if not what I’m offering. I’m trying to make a formal pact with Beelzebub, to no avail.

I don’t think the answer to this problem is always simple. Of course i will not stop working at this until i get more tangible results. It’s frustrating though.

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What did you want to happen?

Okay, what exactly did you study this week? If you would, please explain every element of the ritual that you used and the theory underlying it. Also detail what you know of this spirit. If you are unable to do this then the preparatory immersion that you did for this ritual is simply inadequate.

I just read your intro and I see you have no skills as it applies to evocation. That being the case, there is no way that you prepared for this in a week. I would suggest picking up a copy of Evoking Eternity and study it if you haven’t already. It goes into every element of successful evocation.

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I read a lot a about naamah and it/her atributes
, evocations oferings etc.

So i clean very much my room where is situated my Altar. I light on 3 candles. Put a tank with water when i can get my sight fixed. Put on offering. Fired up some incense. Then i put On headphones and start getting into trance. Then i draw a sigil. After that i fixed my eyes on water. When i feel o geting into trance i change My sight to sigil. After fixation on sigil i used chant invocation. Then i tried to let ugo my mind and wait for the signs of presence or something. But notting happend

Thats a good start. You should do this until you feel that you know her well.

Okay, i would say that this is backwards. I take it you are using water as a scrying medium. Thats fine. Gaze at the sigil instead of the water to start. As you are doing so call upon her with your incantation. You will feel your trance coming on. Continue calling until you feel her presence.

You may initially see her in your minds eye. This is not something that you have to force. It will simply be there. If you get to that stage then gaze into your scrying medium and ask her to manifest within it. Go from there


I would try this one and Will Give notice then. Hope something Goes on

Spend several days contemplating the spirit as well as the ritual procedure. I can tell you that if you are in a place of “I hope this works” then you need more preparatory immersion than you currently have done.


Still no effects. Ive read some posts here and there could be problem Wit Getin into trance. What ist the Best way to learn Getin into?
Cus i can get into calm and Relax but thats it and no thing more. Any body?

Lilith doesn’t always come with evoking, she usually just randomly comes to me when she thinks I need love, she acts like a mom to me. Have you tried working with anyone else?