Witching Hour Ritual by E.A. Koatting

Well, I watched the video, Of E.A working with Patron chief Azazel. Just want to drop few lines here… in my current situation I saw tools I don’t have (a simple black candle is way too much to ask for here where I live) plus all the temple set. Add to it the chants in tongue I can not get an Access to… and similar details. Question is : if currently I can’t reach that level, and do not have a decent resource related to what to say … etc. can I still work with a simple regular candle, a drawn sigil ,the Enn and my intuition? Or would it be a disrespect for I’m trying to connect with a Demon Lord.:x::x::x::x:. Abaddon in particular… I know he is strict. I know too that he is not a friend with written pacts but those of the soul … even that I have nothing but my will n imagination to get to figure out how to do it.
any thoughts?

Oh? Maybe, but that’s where your intuition comes into play when contemplating contact and interactions with these Deities.

When I call upon Abaddon (or any of the others I work with), I normally use incense (for me), ritual music (for me), and, if everyone’s gone to bed, a candle of whatever color I have (red, white or black, usually), outside on the table I use for hand tool projects. I keep my practice on the low, outside of the incense smell (mosquito control).

I normally only go heavy-ritual with initial contact and shades of that from then on. Formal requests or something similar will get more formal setups, but still limited to the above items and maybe some offering like teas or alcohol.

The other day, I was preparing for initial contact with a Deity and was planning on going into ritual that night. I was working out the details when I got a push to change the entire thing. Instead of performing the ritual that night after everyone else was in bed, I set off in the sunshine to do both a walking meditation and initial contact.

Intent and respect are key. Quiet contemplation should help establish what measures are needed. While there are some that I know are more formal, such as King Paimon, I’m sure you’ll find many people that use less formal methods.

Do the different formal ritual levels get the same results? Hard to say. I step up the ceremony when I’m working towards a manifestation of something, as I’m expecting to get more out of the process than simply communicating with the entity. Your intuition and trial and error are the ways to figure out which works for you.

Finally, I’m one voice and one point of view. I hope others chime in and can give a wider variety of opinions and experiences.

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Well that touch the way I perceive the connection I’m willing to make! thank you for all of your advices and your sharing…

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You’re welcome. Hope they help.

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