Need to break a spell that’s clearly left my friend in a certain state of the past. Different times I’ve spoken to her she has said the same thing over again like she never left the last feeling she had last just as her last memories stay stuck . Dunno what kind of witch spell that’s been put on my friend, all I know is whoever doing it has her like a puppet. New gf is shopping everyday and even went to Hawaii just after 3 wks of dating. Only her sister and I feel the bad energy and have tried getting help from santerios but said too difficult to break. Going up against a palero. They do feel the rituals and other candle magic done by us but we know nothing about old witchcraft. Anybody wanna take a stab ? These witches think my friend is rich, their scam is to put blinders on victim where victim believes whatever void he or she has in their lives are being filled and then some. Victim then says yes to everything not realizing money being withdrawn. When gf and witch not around for days my friend seems to return to normal state but as soon as IT arrives she’s back to the same angry person who repeats the same thing every time . Their goal is destruction and to try and take over the company somehow . How can we stop this? Anybody?

Try Opfaal, the Angel of Deliverance, from Kingdoms of Flame. He can break any spell or curse.

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Looks like I’ll have to run to him for help then . Thx

Probably an exorcism-like practice. I would sit the victim down and invoke the names of the nine demonic kings. ask them to break the curse and continue chanting the names of the kings and invoking their might. you can find hundreds of different invocation rituals and its really up to you how you do it. creating a talisman with the names of the nine demonic kings can also aid if given to the victim, which is useful if the victim won’t cooperate for any reason.

Can you get your friend to join this board?

Unfortunately my friend hospitalized for bad stomach pains don’t know why she’s having pains could not find anything but still doing tests

I’m sending some healing energy to her now, Sounds like she may have a bad spirit or the dead working against her.

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can someone help me too I have stomach pains, I feel I’m being attacked by some witchcraft

You’ll NEED to find another witch who is much stronger than the one who cursed you to get rid of it

I’m sorry I thought I sent the thank you back then . I just noticed I never pressed the send button lol. But thank you for that gesture. Unfortunately my life partner passed away from the enhancement of the craft. I believe I am still a target but I’ve got a few gifted friends to help protect me