Witch Bottles



Obsidian and hemitite would be good for distrubting and grounding the energy thrown at the decoy.


Yes @Dinmiatus you give those helpful tips!


One more question. Do these protect against negative entities as well? Or only curses and negative energies? @PaterOctavius888


That would depend upon whether your protection is meant for during an actual in that moment attack from a negative entity, or just to repel negative entities in general, like a ward.

Following the same logic of before(anyone correct me where I’m wrong), you could use a witch bottle for positivity and defense using a mixture of
beach sand (peace of the shore, power of the ocean?)
Fertilizer (growth)
Iron (id do iron shavings if subtle, and strips or bands of iron for ‘louder’ defenses)
some pennies (wealth and copper is bueno for protection)
Lavender (repels bad juju)
gemstones/flowers with personal or good vibe meanings


The spirit bottles themselves are usually constructed to “catch” the uglies. However people have been known to be successful in making pacts with spirits and using the bottle as a focal point that contains that spirit via sigils and herbs and other implements particular to those spirits.


Would catching the uglies into a witch bottle with the intent to cleanse or purify them be a good thing to do in service of common welfare of everyone, or is that an obstruction of free will on the end of the uglies?

I feel if a cleansing witch bottle is done wrong, you basically get a magnet for what you dont want.

And if bottles are usually meant to trap things in, but some bottle variants attract abstract things like prosperity, would a key component of the effects of the witching bottle be based on whether the bottle is sealed or left open?


I did read somewhere that if you make one for the purpose of catching negative energies then you do not want it to break under any circumstance because then it said it would hit you all at once but I’m not sure how accurate it is or not.


To answer both @rin & @DormiensDei from the Hoodoo perspective its all about the elevation of those negative spirits and changing them from ugly to beautiful thus if a bottle break (which it really shouldnt break in our lifetime) there will be no malevolent spirit after us. It is more than suitable for this post to be under white magick as it is often a powerful tool for ascention of a spirit, traditionally this falls under more of a sympathetic form of magick.


Can one bury the bottle at his house/place or is it mandatory to bury it outside the house?

The reason I ask is because on Internet there are mixed statements and some people have stated to bury inside the house in a discreet location so whatever negative energy or curse is sent towards you will be absorbed by bottle!

Also will the Bottle be able to ward off/lift previous curses or will only be effective for new ones after the bottle has been made?


Burry them right outside the house.

I would think it only protects from that moment on so you’ll need to break anything on you before you made it.


Chaton @ebdr tu l’as mise où la tienne?


Just bury the bottle just outside your door. It makes it hard to find. Most witch bottles can be buried.

Yes, as the ‘red herring’ component. The only trouble is that you miss out on a few things, potentially.If there is plant matter then you are almost assured to cause bacterial degradation. Now, urine is sterile, but the contents do cause chemical reaction, i.e. rust. There are some schools of thought that claim this adds to the effectiveness of the bottle. Urine also partially converts to ammonia, and I will personally attest to the ability for ammonia to clear energy.

Agrimony (herb) works great for this.


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Is the protection given by the witch bottle only effect around where the bottle is buried or it protects one from any part of the world?..i am a victim of vile black magic. thanks


I haven’t noticed any weakening of the protection when I go out of town but I haven’t traveled to the other side of the world so I can’t say if there is a distance factor for certain.


Nice topic and posting, the link shared great information that was very helpful.


Glad to hear it.


This is my first try with a Witches Bottle followed all the instructions and created my own personal casting. Fingers crossed.


Cool tutorial! Question: if I’m trying to do this for both myself and another person living in the house, would it suffice to put urine from both of us within the jar or should we make two separate witch bottles?