Witch Bottles



I have seen things that say it can be used but personally I’m touchy about using blood and intimate fluids. I don’t think it would be an issue I’m just reserved with those myself


I’m a little touchy about blood as well. Unless it’s really really important.


Thats alright, i find myself a tad bit too inclined to use blood for things. Idk why, i feel it puts a little bit more oomph to whatever it is Im doing


Different body fluids different effects. Urine is to usually dominate, blood for pacts or feeding, saliva to manifest ect.


Mmm I see… well then in what sort of witchy things would you use saliva in? Hmmm


Your own saliva mixed with different ingredients will work somewhat like an amplifier not much different then using hair or nails, now intention has a lot to do with this, in Italian witchcraft certain hand gestures are used along with spitting to send the evil eye.


I make my spirit bottles with dirth from different places. Like churches, graves, playgrounds, crossroads, abandoned homes depending on the spirit i want to invite, i usually use the haint blue method as well however not always.


Wow this is seriously interesting. You’ve got my attention. What do the different type of dirts mean?


And i always place it in a tree, after negotiations with that tree have been made as well.


Everything is imbued with spirit, and spirit remains in everything and everywhere. Dirt is from where we came and where we too shall go.


Oh goodness, what kind of witch bottle variants are there? Ive heard of protection witch bottles from a random person IRL before, but what are some of the changes in materials used for different witchbottles? As in, the core changes of the recipe
Ex. For a witch bottle to attract/give peace to wandering human spirits, (following my intuition here i guess) I would make a bottle using graveyard dirt, vinegar, sage?, flowers, and any other calming/goodvibes/negativity removing things, correct?


Im a Hoodoo root doctor, ive put in thirty years work with it. Spirit bottles are a main staple of the Delta conjure. You will see regions all over the southern United States, as well as across the country with spirit bottle trees.


Your hittin the nail on the head.


As a southerner, Ive actually seen bottles strung up at a few different places, mainly more rural,oldschool areas.
Any caution for making/using variety witch bottles? Like things that specifically are not good to use in order to achieve the intended effect?

Earlier in the thread it was mentioned that using cayenne or hot pepper with your own fluids was no good. Could you give a few other examples of these nogo combos?


Oo look at you a naturalll


Urine is there for a clever reason x it contains neutralising ammonia which detracts bad vibes x

Keep the blood for pacts and evocations x saliva for curses


Pfft, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while lol


Communicate! Use any divination methods you know to get answers to know if all the spirits are in agreement.


Ooo thank you that makes a lot of sense. Gah I love this stuff.


Duly noted, thank you