Wish to learn chants and spells by words without candles

I wish to learn spells and chants with out candles or the obvious where can I start?

Try clicking on the search function in the upper right, and type in “incantations.” We have a whole thread full of them.


With chants, sometimes they are given without specifying the need for particular implements. You may either simply say them, or create an astral temple: especially for spells, which often features magickal objects.
You close eyes, breathe deeply in order to relax body and mind so to approach a state of trance, then imagine a landscape and the outside of astral temple. It may be a castle on a hill or a pyramid in the desert. Open the door, enter and visualize the floor: perhaps it has black and white squares, or is divided in 4 big squares with elemental colors: e.g. NW green (earth), NE violet (air), SW cyan (water) and SE orange (fire). You may have statues of gods, angels or demons, an altar, many black mirrors on the walls to induce the impression of a cosmic infinity… In this place you will do spells and rituals with all the “stuff” that is needed.

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