Wish book, safe?

I don’t know if this book is safe to use? I posted something about this before, but don’t know if I should put wishes in a book with a Fairy bound to it now. The Fairy is from the astral realm and grants any wish you write in this book, you say the name and rub the stone.

I really don’t want to use this book and then have a Fairy messing around with me.

The book will either work and grant wishes, it won’t work, or I have a Fairy messing with me after granting my wishes.

Any suggestions?

i don’t believe that their is a method of trapping a fairy that wouldn’t end in trouble.


Idk much about fairies, but maybe try asking it permission first. That might stop it from backfiring in any way.


I will ask first. I was told they like to get their payments whenever they feel like it.

May I ask how you got that kind of book? Did you get it from someone?

I found it on ebay and bought it.

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Do you trust it has a fairy attatched?

Have you any proof?

You may be overthinking…

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I’m probably overthinking this. It came with instructions and the Fairy’s name. I could try to use a pendulum and ask if their really is a Fairy attatched, but the pendulum will only tell me what I want to hear probably.

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What’s the book for?

Maybe just keep the book aside

Use another

Until you feel confident about if your book is safe or not to use how you planned, or confident in using a pendulum or other method to check

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The book is for manifesting wishes.
I write down what I want and the Fairy grants my wish.
I have put it aside for now until I learn more about Fairies.

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Sounds wise

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Do you by any chance know of any Demons, God’s, Goddess or Entities that look out for animals? I tend to help animals and am always looking for extra help from other powers.


why dont you try to manifest little things first like 10$, or just new book etc. and if you see there is no set backs or anything you may manifest big things then


I think @Magick_One a lot of what you’re facing is learning to trust your own intuition

People will be helpful usually here

But they won’t really do it for you

We’d be denying you something if we did that’s valuable that we’re all utilising ourselves to help ourselves

Trust yourself a little like above poster suggested perhaps? See if you get it right or wrong with things you’re not too worried about

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