Winning the lottery with a pact?

A little over a year go, I was visited by what I believe to be Satan himself in a dream. He asked me to join him, but I haven’t been able to accept nor decline, for my alarm went off. The thing is, in the dream it felt so real, where he touched me in the dream, (lips, hands, and cheeks) I could feel the imprint.

For the longest time I’ve had a very popular desire to be rich, but not because I want to be lazy. I want to help my loved ones and never have to make the decision of food today or water tomorrow again.

I’m Mariah Ernest, I commented on the introduction page, but just in case you haven’t read it. I’m 21, I loved working with Yuma, and I love Magick where the main tool is my intent and voice.
One thing I forgot to mention in the other thread, I’ve been attracted to “demons” for a very long time, the more I learn, the more I love them.

I know there’s no breaking a pact, and I’m aware some entities can lie. However in my personal experience I feel like most, especially the most powerful ones, are honest. I believe a demon can’t break a contract either, because if either do, the deal is off. The demon can have what it wants of me, or I can take my prize if they break it.

Please do tell me if I’m wrong. I’m open to learning.

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You seem to have an odd view of pacts. Think more along the lines of trading favours rather than the demon having to complete a task other he won’t get your soul. In reality a pact is simply the act of agreeing to complete a task or give an offering in return for the demon assisting you in achieving a goal.
As far as winning the lottery goes, I think it’s unlikely. To explain why I’ll explain a little bit about how magic creates change. Think of your goal as a tug of war between two small children: an adult pulling on either end of the rope will have a large effect.
Now imagine that, in addition to the two small children, there are now three adults on either end of the rope. Because the adults are stronger, you joining either side will have less of an impact. Obviously, the more people at either end of the rope, the less impact you will have.
The adults in this scenario can be likened to practitioners who want a certain out come. The more people with a stake in the the scenario, the more conflicting rituals are going to be cast ( more people on the rope) so your ritual will have a progressively smaller impact.
With the lottery, there are a lot of people who want to win. So the chances that you will over come all that will is very small.


I know a lot of people want to win the lottery. But what’s a way I can set to be rich? I was told completely wrong then. I thought the only thing in a pact for me to give would be my soul. Can you explain to me what else I can offer in a pact? I’m still doing research. I won’t do anything without having knowledge first. Unfortunately right now I can’t afford the books.

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Money magic is most successful when its used as a tool to enhance mundane efforts. Most commonly this means using magic to further your career and/or build a business. This is a good approach to take for a couple of reasons:

  1. There is far less resistance, in terms of the people’s magic competing with your own, so it’s easier to manifest a result.
  2. Its a better option for the long term. Sure the lottery is a quick boost of cash, but the real money is in business and coldly exploiting your fellow man for personal gain.
    If you were to ask a demon or spirit for assistance, they would likely encourage you down this route rather than the lottery.

When it comes to pacts you have a few options. You can make an offering, agree to perform some tasks for the demon… What ever you both agree on really. Think of it like a business agreement. You discuss the terms, then you both fullfil your end if the agreement to the best of your ability.
You should also bear in mind that the building anything on pacts is… Well it’s somewhat precarious and can easily end in disappointment. If you pin your business’ initial success on a pact, you’ll likely do well. But once the terms have been met the demon may choose to stop helping you. At this point you’re on your own and things can easily come crashing down again.
This is why I’d suggest you build a friendship with, or dedicate yourself to, a demon who’s goals compliment your own. This takes longer, but it’s the difference between going to a loan shark for money and building a good credit score is you can go to the bank instead. This approach allows for consistent ( and stable ) progress, as you work together.
If you have more questions feel free to pm me. I noticed lady Eva linked you to a thread on money magic, you’ll find alot of good advice there.

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If you want to know how to do a pact right, read EA’s Book of Azazel. In it, EA details his pact for 90 days with the grand demon in exchange for the flow of prosperity. All Azazel wanted from him was to teach him.

It is available in audio format for free on YouTube.