Winged unicorn?

Oh no, not worried at all. But what you said makes sense. See my comment as I’ve been using a fu Taoist sigil.

Ah I’m affraid I’m not familiar with that… But since it makes sense to you and helps you to connect the dots then that’s what matters!

Think of it as a Chinese version of a sigil but on a long stick. So why it showed up now makes sense. Your comment has helped a lot. Thank you. My abilities are just stronger.

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Glad to hear that!

you will have to make a choice:
the unicorn is in someways opposite to pegasus
this creature is pushing you to choose between them
so to speak you have encountered a chimera a monster, an invention that is there to make you choose
you can have both, but not at the same time as suggested by this animal
both are powerful allies as animals of power and wisdom
but you have to know the main difference between this animals
the unicorn is a proud animal he does not bow his head unless attacking with its horn to defend itself from another beast, they drink from waterfalls or else never from the river their heads are always up
when pegasus was captured was because he was drinking from a lake, this part of the story tells us about its nature, he is in service of others as it has wings of “salvation” while the unicorn is the wildest of beasts, cause is the beast that can never be tamed they are eternal and inmortal they are animals of freedom their horn projects a light that goes to the infinite, and it symbolized the truth eternal as they are two horns intertwined reflecting the dual natures of existence ands its shifts, and the constant dance on opposites over the third eye of the animal, in a way the unicorn can see the absolute truth to everything, they are always innocent wild and proud, as for pegasus is an heroic animal wishing to save someone, putting himself to the service of others as required is always there to assist, it was born wild, but is an animal that offers himself to give help.
Now the animal you describe because of its attitude I think is trying to push you for some unknown reason to the pegasus, did you saw its tail? unicorns have tails like a lion pegasus like a horse, unicorns are not horses with a horn they should be more delicate like something in between a horse and a deer in shape.
read all the legends and myths, even quotes about those two animals you will have a better understanding of them.
see which one goes along with you, and then I would recommend a totem or an image of the animal to connect with him better.
in my experience the unicorn is a great beast I have been with him since I was a child, as pegasus never worked for me, so I don’t have many things to say about him, but as for the unicorn for me has been an incredible experience and i wouldn’t have changed it for the world.
as for to give you some other clues most animals hide in their layers when a storm comes, the unicorn goes to the highest hill to face it, so if you choose it, be prepared to face the harshness of the environment when it comes, as the unicorn never runs away from danger he faces it, and when its too tired to keep on going the situation makes himself stronger. is not an easy path to follow the unicorn, but is worth it.

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Any proggress?

I got it’s sigil and it stayed for 2 weeks. Then it disappeared. I think I have to re-invite it. I was given instructions and I think it’s to re-establish the link or lake some kind of offering.

Since then a horse has appeared to help out with divination (white horse).