Will Satan Protect me?

All I pray for is a physically healthy life, is that something he or others could do for me?
My only faith is truly in him & have devoted my utmost loyalty in turn for this …

Sorry if I sound a bit unintelligent but I am relatively new to this (2 1/2 years devoted) but I thought maybe someone might have some insight.


I’m not a Satanist nor am I worshipper of any deity. I am a sorcerer, a person who seeks to use magick to change things within my own personal world and the shared world according to my own Will.

And based on my own personal experience, the spirits will teach us how to protect ourselves. Will they shield us a bit while we’re learning? Yes, but there comes a time they expect you to stand on your own two feet.


And I just noticed this was your first post.

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Ive been a dedicated Diabolist for well over a decade now. If you ever need a like minded individual to talk to you can feel free to message me.

Satan knows you inside and out. He knows what you hold dearest inside your heart. If you are one of Satan’s own, He watches over you and protects you like a Father protects his child. For many Satanists do consider Satan to be their true Father. Although Satan does watch over you and does protect you, that doesn’t mean that negative things wont still happen to you. Satan gives all his disciples lessons and it’s part of your job to learn from them.


Sure! Satan protects his own! Use his sigils and meditate on HIM.

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