Will Orobas take my soul?

If I deal with this spirit, will he ask or lose my soul?
(According to Octogram story’s YouTube video)

No, not unless you give it to him, and even then it’s likely to be rejected 'cause most spirits have no use for your soul.



Spirits have use for your soul though

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Some do, some don’t. That’s what “most” means, my friend.


Right sorry, didn’t read it well

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I should also point out for the OP that in the dozens of evocations I have performed over the years, not a single spirit has ever asked for my soul.


That’s good, it means they understand

No that’s not his style. I’ve worked with him 20 years now. The great Prince Orobas has his own private agendas and we help him advance those but often without understanding how. Prince Orobas seems to value networking and having open doors to this world. That’s my experience, he’s not going to jump out and demand your soul. If he did wouldn’t it be kinda cool to ride forever through the lower astral with such a great Prince!


Lower astral is what you call etheric?

In the hindu philosophy there’s the upper astral where the devas reside and the lower astral where the demons reside. I wasn’t being literal though just poetic license. I do think it would be awesome to ride with PO though. Whenever I ride a motorcycle with the wind going through my hair and the adrenaline flowing I always think of riding as the great princes companion and how you could see the stars with him.

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Ah I see. I follow Bardons astral matrix/lower astral region actually being the etheric region model. Just wondered what is yours.

Guess I think of the lower astral would be the underworld.

Both models should work just fine, they are there no matter whatever we name it anyways,don’t you think?

Yeah I agree

As far as the losing the soul bit, to me that sounds like RHP fear talking. PO doesn’t need your soul. Besides when we perform evocation were calling the spirits out of or through our souls to this world. That’s where the idea selling your soul to devil came from from faust. That’s why when the spirit appears you often get a tingly feeling or deja vu feeling. Time/space just got altered. So no you don’t need to worry about him stealing your soul. He’s all about collaboration , teamwork, moving forward stronger together. And did I say he’s got so much style lol.


Just got me thinking how much I love Franz Bardon , but that belongs in another thread probably.

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Oh I can PM if you want :laughing:

Sure I’m always up some conversation on Bardon.

It said some people did that. That doesnt mean you have to do that in return for his knowledge. I really like that channels videos.

Just create his seal and tell him that you will say good words about him and give him recognition, he will give you without hesitation and tell him to do it fast not after 6 months. He is very friendly and is honest which is really great as some demons lie.


To the OP I guess would wonder what he’d do with a soul. Take it for a ride, make friends with it, help it get to where ever it was headed.?

Gotta remember Prince Orobas doesn’t actually NEED anything from us. Typically it’s a Magician NEEDING something from him usually.

The video is probably interesting and may make a couple good points but I have to say the Prince Orobas I know doesn’t behave that way. It’s just not his style.