Will of Fire

Hello everyone, I’m new here, my name is Alessandro.

For many years I have researched my path in magic, and I found my steps in two currents in particular; in Current 218 and in the Draconian Tradition. My will is to descend ever deeper into my individual and inner path and, at the same time, to ascend ever higher. This path is what is most valuable to me in my life, and the same path and magickal work is my every-present, constant and continuous goal.
I also write poems and songs, both by manifestation and channelling of my will/energy, and to create dedications and expressions for the deities I work with… and as a tool to connect more deeply to my own magickal work.
(For various personal reasons) My current struggle now focuses on creating a new life, in a different place than the one I live in now.
I found this forum interesting due to the many different perceptions and individual visions, and since I love exploring, wandering and expanding myself I felt it was a good choice to enroll here.

May the Fire always shine high and deep in the depths of Darkness!



Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome to da fam

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How long have you practiced your path?

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Thank you (all) for your welcome

@DarkestKnight Since three years. This last year has been much deeper and more intense.

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