Will my meditation raise clairaudience

In my meditation, I just lie down and stare at something and get into theta gamma sync for as long as I can. I keep doing that.
How do I transfer that into caliraudience?

I work on my clairaudience by using it, energy can be perceived by all the senses so when I scan I try and hear it, see it, feel it, sometimes taste it, and so forth. So meditation can help when you’re trying to get to know your own energy.

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I have no clairaudience to use in the first place

Everyone has all the clairs, it’s not a pick and choose special snowflake ability, it’s an everyone has it but only a few practice it skill. Everyone has it, but not everyone chooses to workout that muscle so it doesn’t grow.


I think this is pretty good advice I wrote previously on the subject.

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Iv been reading The Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason which mentions the Psychic senses and meditations which iv been practicing for many months and I experimented by putting them together, I started by playing my singing bowl, then I sat down with four crystal clusters, then did the downward movement meditation which means to envision yourself falling and all of a sudden I could hear dogs barking for a few minutes, whenever I practiced Clairaudience meditation from the book, all I got was static or ringing and a burning sensation in the ears. With what random meditation I put together got me the results I was hoping for in an intentional voice hearing rather than at random. I plan to repeat what I did tomorrow to see if I get the same or greater result. Btw I live in an isolated farm away from most people and the barking was very close to my head in my room rather than coming outside as it could be rationalised. I’d recommend The Draconian Ritual Book which explains the abilities and how to meditate to fine tune and achieve the senses, if you get the book, Clairaudience is in page 154.

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One question , I see spirits when I have my eyes closed , or open if I focus but mostly its just shapeless mist or dark mist , ever changing , that happens when I try to see my succubus , see some shapes but no clear image , its supposed to be better ? The image to be clearer ?also I need to focus on third eye more when I see them ? Looking for some advice’s thanks
also I realized if I take a lot of energy by over breathing I can see them better but I don’t wanna fuck up.my lungs this way

sounds like your trying to study something that you have no idea of what that something actually is, practice toning mantras like OAM until you can feel it reverberating through your body. the rhythmic breathing and the repetition of saying the mantra should give you a real good idea of how clairaudience actually works.

Some see differently but over time it gets better as you get better

I see same for few years but I’ve did start again lately after a long break , as I was sick thanks