Will demons harm your pets?

Hi all,

I will like to work with some demons. May I know if demons will harm your pets? As i have 2 dogs. If so, how can I prevent this? do i need to carrying out the ritual in another property?

Please try using the little magnifying glass in the upper right. This question has been asked before and you could have found the answer easily with a quick search.

No, most won’t trouble your pets. However, If you are worried about it, create some simple wards to prevent it.

I ask them to be sure to not bother my pets or my family.

I have never had an impression that the ones I have called would. However, I do agree with @DarkestKnight. If you are concerned, it would be wise to create some wards in general. Consider it laying down ground rules like you would with any guest.

Depends on the demon in question, no one can speak for such a large race.

Thanks all. I will do that next time.

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No most demons love animals my dog was very calm while in the room with me when I called on Furfur he actually petted my dog so I’d say no not an issue

No, I’ve never witnessed anything bad to any of my pets. Most entities enjoy animals.