Will Demons and Gods hate me?

So I’ve mentioned that I had Excorism done and whatever in me was not a Demon but I panicked and whenever a Demon or God popped into my mind, I said leave in the name of Jesus/The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I don’t think I commanded them and apart from prayer and a few meditations, I never worked in depth with many of them. In fact I burned my only Two Sigils with respect and decided to burn my notes with respect too.

Some of these Spirits are powerful and I guess it’s not even about fear as it’s about respect and I’ve apologized on the Forum for this and I didn’t mean it. I noticed that their presences have distanced since then.

I’m sorry if some of these posts are annoying or for any of my mistakes. Everything is just so Hazy these days it’s not funny.

Once more I humbly Apologize to any Spirit which I offended. I’m not gonna say it in real life because I feel it’s better if we all distance ourselves for now… I apologize for any offence caused…


Friend, I did a similar thing when i accepted the Tao and was initiated at a temple. I was heavily swayed by the power i felt at the temple, and uncertain of my path at the time.

Your choice is your own. NOTHING can take it from you.

I did the same thing, renounced everything, got rid of sigils, said goodbye. If you are respectful, no grudge will be felt unless you have gone bad on your end of a pact. But even then, you can extricate yourself from it all.

Eventually, i began to feel like in leaving the infernal behind, i was leaving part of myself behind as well. And then i came back, wiser and stronger because of the experience. Follow your will, anything that goes against your will is just an obstacle, a test of conviction.


I haven’t made any pacts at all. In fact I don’t even know if I communed with them at all.

I don’t really know tbh, I mean what if they decide to hurt me for using the names? What if I offended them? I didn’t swear or call them weak. I respect their powers but really don’t desire their influence in my Life right now.

Perhaps like you one day I’ll return. Hopefully it will be at a right time in my Life. I decided not to speak against the Occult or even Demons tbh. It just comes out of respect. Besides “Love thy Neighbor” regardless of their beliefs.

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Make a fist, and state quietly and calmly “I am the master of my fate, I am the creator of my reality, I will no longer stray from the course of what I believe. Let all beings I summoned in error depart in peace, with my thanks.”

Then just do whatever resonates most with your own heart at the time. :fist:


Thank you♥️

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This is the kind of fear christiantiy wants. You have nothing to fear. I suggest not following that path in any way. That is the real harmful path.


It wasn’t Christianity… It was me who did this.

No, they’re not going to hate you. Spirits don’t give a shit about religion. What matters to them is that you be respectful when dealing with them.


I think they understand that you have to set certain boundaries to keep yourself healthy. You’re projecting your own neediness onto them the way I do with humans. I tend to be overly concerned with “respecting” people I perceive to be powerful. In reality they don’t need this from me, and it probably just makes me seem odd and pathetic to them. I’m the complete opposite with spirits.

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Unless you did something really offensive, I wouldn’t sweat it. They have enough on their plates to distract them.

There are many who dabble in the dark arts and then become “saved” by “finding” God. From the LHP, they make a hard right to the RHP, and renounce Satan and all his works, so to speak.

Your attitude can actually use more confidence - along the lines of what @Lady_Eva posted. Demons and gods don’t really need such a pitiful perspective. Be confident and sure of what you’re doing - it’ll help you no matter which hand path you’re on.


Yes I will work on my attitude thank you :heart: