Will angels protect you from other angels

Will kabbalah a angel magick protect you from the angels of wrath book by gordon winterfield?

I honestly don’t see why it wouldn’t…


Yes, angels will protect you from other angels.

For example, a while back I posted a sigil I was given by the archangel Raziel for stopping spiritual harassment, and I was told it would work even against other angels (angels can be dicks too, just like people and demons).


In white magick people must understan that there is little place for chaos. They are like working together and have like to obay military orders. They do obey so if you have problems with rhp angels the only help is Samael, Lilith, Leviathan and other powerful LHP demonic Gods which indeed can kill rhp entities like angels.

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I can see it going down both ways depending on 1) your relationship to said angel and 2) what is the overall goals working with said angel.

For example, let’s say you are working with Haniel for happiness but you are too afraid to leave a job that is causing you to be miserable. Now, let’s say someone hits you with the Forced Exile ritual to kick you out of the job for whatever reason. I can see Haniel temporarily stepping aside and allowing things to go down as they will because it ultimately helps you to achieve the reason you approached him in the first place. Angels seem to play the long game, which is why workings seem to be slower to manifest than with demons. I admit that the situation above has been rare in my experience, but it has happened.

Spirits (whether they are god, angel, demon, etc) have a different prespective than we do, which can lead to problems. As they say, be careful what you wish for. While it is comforting to have a spirit have your back, it is important to also know how to defend yourself so you are not put into that situation.


Answer to thread question: Yes, except if the angel attacking is Samael, I suppose xD right?