Will an Obsession Spells work on a target who doesn't know you that much?

I’ve been targeting someone who is my ex-friend’s friend.
we don’t know each other that much but she’s kinda hot and thats why Im tryna pick her up.
we only had a small conversation and only a few story replies on Instagram. we haven’t even met and she doesn’t even know how I look like( I know it sounds stupid)

I’m planning on approaching her to make friends with her first, but I was wondering if I could do an spell to make sure she will like me?(and not ignore me right away)
I’m thinking of doing an obsession spell but I’m not sure if that would be the best option in my situation, or would the spell have effects on her even though she doesn’t know me?
If not, What could be the best move for my situation?

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Obsession spells can work as long as they at least know you exist. I’d say just try it and find out.

However I might recommend you do a spell on yourself to seem attractive to her, first. If it turns out you don’t like her personally and only want to hook up, making her obsessed with you can become a negative thing.


Do you know any?
Could you give me instructions to them, please? feel free to direct message me or leave the instruction here, I’d really appreciate that.

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Sometimes the things we obsess over are the things we don’t know. If you can inspire some level of mystery, then I don’t see why a spell wouldn’t work.

An obsession spell on somebody who doesn’t know you will be akin to a gnarly curse. Consider a more general approach- to attract suitable partners ect.
Edit: Check it out. You wanna get laid. Cool! Ain’t nothing wrong with that. If you do a general spell to attract sex, you may even attract 3 people that look like her. If you’re a bit like me, you may realize that you actually don’t want a specific person - you just have a type that strikes your fancy. Just something for you to mull over.


Thats what i was thinking about, Do you any such spell for that?

Yes, they do work and they can hit heavy. First make sure she does not know magic herself, we want to be sure about that so she does not detect you and castrate you astrally.
Only do the spell if you know her life would be better with you in it, and you are sure your life would be really better with her in it, cos she will be stuck to you. I would start with working on yourself and do some magick for your own self confidence and general life so you attract good opportunities and automatically will have more luck with women. After that you could also do a targeted spell on her, but most of the time it is not even necessary because of the work you did on yourself, unless you are really not her type.
Learn some basics in magick before doing this kind of work, too. You want to be knowing what you are doing and not end up with a girl obsessed over you, who you did not like so much eventually, that is why I advise doing only work on yourself so there are more benefits for you.


I do not, but look around on this forum. My approach was to use the Angels of Love book by Zenna Blaise. Man, I’m telling you, a bit of self love can bring changes that manipulative magick can’t even touch. In my experience. Check out the book!


I’m 100% sure that she doesn’t know magick.

I’d like to do that, But i don’t know where to start or where to gather information about what exactly i should do.
Do you any good source or any good book for that type of magick?(self love and self caring magick)

Thank you man, I really appreciate that and I’ll check that out.

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