what does wicked mean to you? is being wicked bad?

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Wicked = cool



I usually mean it in a playful/affectionate way. Example “You my dear, are all sorts of wicked.” For me at least it usually holds a strong flirty tone.


All I can think of is Unreal Tournament’s announcer saying “Wicked Sick!”

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Wicked or wickedness is basically freedom in disguise. In order to ascend or descend if you will you have to sometimes but not always do wicked things, what’s wicked depends on who the observer of the actions you undetake is, what’s wicked in the eyes of Jehovah witness may not be as wicked in the eyes of a lawyer.

Let’s look at a few example of so called wickedness: you will most likely be percived as wicked in the eyes of society if you don’t follow for example the law, the degree of wickeness depends on which laws are being broken like say you need a human finger bone (a ritual implement (BMOA)) or human skull for ritual or a powder (not uncommon in Haiitian Voudon or Necromancy for that matter), that’s a very wicked act to go to a cemetery and dig up one of those, you can buy the said items but still owning human bones and use them in rituals is considered a very, very wicked thing and thus it’s forbidden and immoral, but not perhaps to you, it’s necessary an necessary evil so to speak.

In your ascent at some point you may come across a fork in the road that you realize that you can’t follow the law if you want to experience freedom and furtering yourself spiritually, so you are now standing on a crossroads, which path will you take? freedom of expression & growth? - or - stay trapped within the confines of society and the safe space in your mind?

I do not necessarily condone you break the law or commit murder, rape, etc. I am just saying sometimes growth superscedes superimposed laws and confines of society mental framework.

In summary: “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always be what you’ve always been.” - Brett Manning


This is what it means for me seriously :joy:

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When someone asks me to show mercy


Wickedness means not letting the fact that people may call you wicked/evil/bad stand in your way. :cookie::cookie::cookie:

I just hear a boston accent lmao