Why you should not be afraid to work with Lucifer

Dear reader,
This post is dedicated to Lord Lucifer.

As many of you know there is hardly any spirit who is subject to such an immense load of stigma and judgment, as Lord Lucifer. Many think of Lucifer as scary or dangerous and shy away from his powerful presence.

Even for people who are not religious, like me, Lucifer may sound like a scary entity to get in contact with.
I write this post because I had similar tendencies, but over the last few years, there is hardly anything in this world that has been so rewarding and beautiful as to connect with God Lucifer. Whilst without a doubt he holds great power, greater than anyone could ever comprehend, he is very approachable, if done with respect.

For me, Lucifer is like a true father figure. You can ask him any question, he guides you to power, self-empowerment and knowledge, he always has your back, and can even protect you in different life situations. Whenever I felt hopeless, or a certain life event has affected me drastically, Lucifer was and is the one I would talk to. He is a true god, very generous and makes sure to give amazing advice to those who dare to connect with his limitless energy.

He helps you with magic, health, wisdom, character, growth, guides you to spirits that you need into your life and so much more. Sometimes I tear up thinking about all the times’ Lord Lucifer has helped and empowered me.

I dedicate offerings to him daily and connect with his essence every evening because it is blissful, and my will to do so.

I truly wish for Lucifer to have a place in everybody heart and life. This is why I write this post. I wish to take away the hesitance of those, who were like me. I wish to encourage people to connect with this amazing Spirit.
Of course, this has to be said, only call upon Lord Lucifer with great respect and the right attitude. Have in mind you are calling upon a power that has been around for longer than you could imagine, that carries more authority than you can ever understand, but still has so much light to shine that it can and will change your life in so many positive way.

All Hail God Lucifer - AVE Lucifer


This is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been trying to contact him and have prayed and talked to him almost daily. I have a necklace with his enn, I’ve drawn sigils with some of my blood on the sigil and had his enn playing on my phone. I have frankenincense incense but I haven’t felt, heard or seen anything. Hoping with the effort I put in hes hearing me. I grew up in the church but was forced to attend in my teens. I am newer to this path but I’m putting effort faith and trust in him because I feel this is the path I’m supposed to follow. I don’t want a ton of power but I want to be a stronger more knowledgeable and confident version of myself and I feel following lucifer will lead me to that.


this is nice :slight_smile:

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The effort you have put in will be appreciated by Lucifer. You have offered your blood and your time which Lucifer and the other great beings really lije as offerings the most. Believe me you have gotten his attention. There is a way you can find out and that is by using candles…for example have two candles. One on the left and one on the right. Contact Lucifer and get him to answer you questions by using the candles for yes and no…he will make the flames of the corresponding candle dance. I think that you may need to work on your psychic senses in order to sense his presence and to hear him. Good luck with your journey


Thank you for your help:)


Hail Lucifer!


Didn’t work. They both moved the same:(
I’m trying so hard but feel like I’m failing

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This is exactly what I experienced! :dizzy::dizzy::dizzy::sparkles::sparkles:


Have you tried the book, Lucifer and The Hidden Demons. The pathworking is so simple and Lucifer is always there when I have. called. Good luck!

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No. I’ll check that out. Thank you!

I’ve been doing everything I can think of but being newer I can’t see,hear or feel anything.
I have a pendulum that swings answering my qs but idk if its Lucifer answering or if my mind is clear enough.

I feel like the deeper I go, the more it strike me that there is something within us that is Lucifer…it doesnt sound like it makes sense, i know, but it feels like its right. Like a mirror of the users soul (use of a mirror can call him in)…Use a mirror…

Ave Heylal <3 he saved my life frfr

Idk what I where I would have ended up without his light giving me the push I needed to pursue my magical path.

I have all the love in the world for him

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I can relate to this so much :love_letter:

Ok…try lighting some incense…ask Lucifer to move the smoke from the incense in a certain way. Then ask him to move it one direction for yes and another for no. Or you could use a pendulum. If you can’t hear or feel anything then you need to develop your psychic senses more through meditation. When I invoke Lucifer I always meditate to get myself in the theta-gamma state. Also try some qigong (energy building exercises) as this will help you to sense energy.