Why you don't screw with a sorcerer, OR their friends- My first curse

This story took place in about 2004-2005
I was invited over to a friends father’s house to make some money trimming pot. I was quite broke at the time, so I jumped at the opportunity to make a few extra bucks. Now this was perfectly legal, as my friends father grew it for medicinal purposes.

I arrived at the house and me and my friends BSed for a about an hour before his father got home and put us to work. (one of my other buddies had been invited too, so it was myself, two friends, and my friends dad) We worked for about three our four hours. When I suddenly got one of the strongest intuitive warning bells of my live. (second only to one other incident that would happen about 10 years later) I dropped what I was doing immediately and told everyone that I had to leave. My friends asked me what was going on and I told them “I don’t know, I have to go… right now!” (my friends knew that I was into the occult, but for the most part I think they thought I was nuts)

I washed my hands, and left without saying another word. My friends looking at me with the most bewildered look I have ever seen to date. I got in my car and drove away. As I was leaving the neighborhood, My attention was pulled to a pickup speeding down the road. I could feel a palpable buzz coming from the truck. there were four guys in the truck. As soon as I passed them, my alarm bells stopped ringing, and I knew immediately that is what I was supposed to avoid. My intuition told me to let it go, and keep driving until I got home.

Fast forward two days. I went to visit my friend at his dad’s house. (That is where he was staying at the time) I slowed down as I approached the front door. there was a temporary screen up over the doorway, and the whole door had been ripped off it’s hinges. The door jam was in splinters. I knocked on the wall outside the door frame. My friend answer the door. My jaw dropped as I saw him. One arm was in a cast, he had a black eye, a broken nose, and one half of BOTH of his upper, front incisor teeth were gone.

He looked at me. He kind of nodded. Then he said " You think I’m bad, you should see dad". Sure enough when I went inside the house I saw his dad. He had two black eyes, his arm was also in a cast, His upper and lower lips were scabbed from splits, and he was totally high on pain meds for three broken ribs. I turned to my friend and asked him “What the fuck happened here!” To which my friend replied “home invasion. They showed up not one minute after you walked out of the house. Four of them. They broke down the door and started swinging. They bum rushed dad, but me and J got into it pretty quick. J only got a broken nose and a broken finger. They finally ran off when Dad was able to get one of his guns.” I asked what the police were doing about it. He said “not a damn thing! They saw the pot in the back room, and figured it was because of drugs. even though we know who the guys were, they turned a blind eye to what happened” The men were co-workers of his dad, they thought he had stolen some of their tools, so they got methed up, and decided to get the tools back. (It was a different co-worker that had stolen the tools btw)

I stood there slack jawed. I stayed and helped with a few things, but I was really starting to get angry. So after about an hour and a half I looked for an reason to excuse myself. I got out to my car, and I fucking lost my shit! Anyone who saw me might have thought I was some raving psychopath. Perhaps I was in that moment. I felt something snap inside. So right there in my friends driveway, I summoned my first demon. I don’t know who it was, or what it’s name was. The black fire had taken me, I didn’t care. I simply reached out to the first malevolent and vicious entity I found. used my energy to pull it to my side, formed my intent,and said nothing more then “give them what they fucking deserve!” The entity left in an instant. I got into my car and almost passed out I was suddenly so tired. I drove home and went to sleep.

It was about two or three weeks before I saw my friend again. I was at his and his dad’s place and he says “oh I gotta show you something!” he walked over to the fireplace and pulled a picture frame off of the mantel. In his hand nice and framed, was a newspaper article. (his dad had it framed because he was so gleeful about it. It’s still there to this day) The article went into some great depth of how four men (the same ones who broke into his house weeks prior) had been out riding their motorcycles together. When a gust of wind caused all four men to plow into the back of a semi that was on the side of the road fixing a flat tire. When the ambulance got to the scene, three of the men were DOA, and the fourth would undoubtedly be a quadriplegic for the rest of his life.

I have since discovered that I have a natural talent for cursing and hexing. It comes almost comically easy to me, Although I have never been able to reproduce the Impromptu evocation I did that day. I always felt bad about not sticking around that day, until I saw the newspaper clipping. I came to understand later once I started working with Asmodeus, that I had been called away from the incident by my spirit protectors not for my own safety, but for my freedom. You see I have had hand to hand training, and when I fight I fight to win. ( neither my friends dad, or my friend knew how to handle themselves very well) Asmodeus informed me that had I been there, I would be in prison for multiple murders. (California has a bad habit of not caring whether something was self defense or not)

This was my first curse, I hope you enjoyed the read


You’re a damn good friend!!! Thank you for sharing. :hibiscus:


Thanks for sharing that story. It’s amazing. So glad they got what was coming to them and that you listened to the promptings you did.


Yes, this event certainly did represent a turning point for me. It showed me some very important things about myself and my path. I had some success with magick at that point. But this really solidified the fact that I have the power to effect the world in pretty incredible ways