Why would you want to stand face-to-face with a demon?” I’d have to answer, “Because I CAN!

Through soul travel, I want to explore that hidden world and want to see what awaits me after death! There is no doubt that it will be very amazing, I mean, you have the freedom to do anything and whenever you want this is indescribable.

That is why I want to discover these things, First, because I feel attractive to her, and again, because it is a secret that is not available to everyone.


What is the point of this post?

All you are doing is quoting EA Koetting, but there is no question or anything of substance in this.


I am looking for answers to my questions, I quote him because he is someone who deserves to be one of his students and teach me.

There is not even one single question in your post.

This is useless. If you have questions, ask them. Otherwise, you are just spamming the forum.



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sorry for that, I will delete this post now.