Why would you invoke/evoke without a purpose

Hello BALG community, I hope that everyone has been doing well and is staying safe during these very strange times. This new topic post I tried searching for in different variations of wording and couldn’t find anything that answered my question, that is why I am creating a new post.

So, the topic question why would you invoke or evoke any kind of spirit or entity without a purpose? In my interpretation of purpose which I feel is limited which is why I am opening a line of communication here, is specific pathway workings, ritual workings, spells, etc. that have an intent/purpose.

Very quick background I was dealing with some emotional stuff needed help was at a breaking point. Beelzebub’s name randomly popped into my head. Like to point out that I’m a very open minded skeptic I practice the path, I believe in these powers and entities but I also take a big heaping spoonful of skepticism. I’m either going crazy or these experiences are genuine, maybe a bit of both lol

Ok back to the topic at hand, after his name popped into my head, I invoked him to help me with these internal issues, to which I am very happy to say I am grateful for having eight months of emotional and mental stability. I’ve never invoked or evoked an entity, spirit what have you for anything other than a specific purpose. After giving Beelzebub an offering of thanks, I got the feeling that, that’s not what he necessarily wanted.

To which results in this topic question, I’ll be extremely grateful for anyone’s insight, advice experience etc. on how to approach this. Research is helpful which I have done, still a little unsure, still need a bit more information. I’m grateful for you all!


Without a purpose, what exactly do you mean? As in to just have a chat or give an offering?

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@mrbungle thank you for asking, purpose like a job.

Example I invoke this entity for an intended purpose, it’s like saying hey so in so I got a job for you can you do it, that’s what I mean by purpose.

Hope that clarifies this is new territory for me so I’m trying to figure out how to properly ask and thank you for your time.

So we all know what the exact definition of purpose is…

The most prominent in my personal experience is because the entity wanted me to. I had to learn to evoke so I could figure out why Hecate was calling on me. I had to do it again when Lucifer appeared at work and told me to contact him that night in ritual. Had no idea why at the time, but it’s as good a reason as any.

Another would be to experience that entity’s energy or personality, but you could argue that’s a purpose.


I understand you equating purpose with super serious/official work to do, but I think that’s quite limiting of a definition, especially with the experience you’ve given. That work, in your opinion, may not be similar to the impressive magickal woo-woo stuff you usually read/hear from others, but just the fact that Beelzebub drew you to him for mental and emotional healing = that actually speaks of a solid purpose (and a beneficial one too, by the looks of it) to your invocation already. :slight_smile:

IME, I haven’t really interacted with the spirits I’ve interacted with so far without a purpose. Like the previous response has cited, there are spirits who do want you to experience/embody their energy/personality into an area of your life = purpose. Spirits who randomly showed up while working with others, only to find out they’re delivering a relevant message at that specific time/for a specific person = purpose. Feeling intuitively drawn to a spirit so you end up calling on him/her, turns out you need to learn and grow through certain lessons he/she will teach you= purpose. Even a simple chat, at least IME anyway, provides a purpose despite it being unnoticeable or simple. There are also plenty of times the purpose doesn’t sink in until much later down the line or in hindsight.

Nothing bad with being skeptical at all. In fact, I agree with exercising good intuition/discernment. But at the same time, I think it’s just a matter of experiences, you know? The more you practice magick, the more you will notice signs and synchronicities relevant to you/what you’re working on which even your usual skepticism might not be able to deny lol.

Ah, now this one could also be a reason why you’re doubting if you should have even invoked without a work-related purpose in mind. However, I don’t think the purpose is necessarily the case here…? Maybe it’s simply a matter of Beelzebub wanting a different form of offering/showing of appreciation. Might I suggest doing divination to figure out why exactly do you feel that your offering isn’t what he wanted, and if proven that he really doesn’t want it, what exactly does he want from you as an offering?

Feel free to keep us updated about how this goes, OP.


I often invoke or evoke for the purpose of just feeling that demons presence and basking in it. Allowing them free access to my unconscious mind and just bonding with them. In my experience they are willing to help you much faster this way as you aren’t always asking for something and in my experience it is very enjoyable and will help you grow.

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I never even thought of it like that! :hushed: your response is so incredibly detailed.

Also thank you for understanding where I was coming from. Definitely realized that a change of perspective was needed.

Never thought of it like this either! Thank you for providing this because it’s instilled some confidence where I don’t feel that calling on them just to communicate or to understand the personality taking from what you said is disrespectful that’s now out of my mind and I thank you for that insight tremendously.

It’s like my mind is being blown seriously I am so grateful.

I will be coming back to your post often and I appreciate you so greatly definitely I’m going to take your advice divining to figure out what exactly to do that is more appropriate is a great idea thank you so much! Definitely will keep you guys updated 1000 times thank you.

If you’re curious to know what I gave as an offering, found out he likes oolong tea. I’ll put that in some gin with some honey, that’s a basic offering might not of been exactly what he wanted lol


You just taught me something new and I thank you for that! Definitely I’m going to take this advice as well thank you so much!

I hope you and everyone else on this thread that are doing well. That your family and loved ones are healthy and safe and please know that I am so incredibly grateful for everyone’s time and for their advice. To me this is extremely valuable and I appreciate all of you.

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I agree that definitely is purpose and I never even thought of it that way thank you so much!

I can be a bit dense sometimes to which why I reached out to the forum you guys are incredible and have been so helpful thank you.

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Completely rearranged my altar. Put it in a place where it will never see sunlight and arranged a space a top designated for Beelzebub.

What I plan to do next I have read much on the forum and have researched from other various sources. That being doing a channeling session. Before any kind of channeling invocation or evocation is made with any kind of entity, it’s a good idea to do a banishing ritual of all energies and entities; think of it as wiping clean slate if you will.

Luciferians as we know we do not banish that which we conjure and we do not banish out of fear. We do it as a cleansing, both internal and external. It’s the cleansing of the mind, the body, the spirit, and physical space. As to approach this channeling session with control over all emotions, control over all thoughts and control over the entirety of the physical body; i.e. total stillness when stillness is needed, so on and so forth.

Hoping that after all this is done, being able to figure out exactly what entity it was, to confirm whether or not it was Beelzebub and decided how to move forward after said session.


I am simply digging a well before I need a drink from it. Simple networking.


Expansion and preparation are wise actions, when accompanied with clear intent, hence the update.

I hope this can help others if ever anyone has similar queries.

Only reading this now because I think I’ve gotten used to giving some time and checking in after a while (usually days or weeks) to see if the OP did update like what I said in the response.

You’re welcome! Glad everyone’s suggestions were able to help you regarding this. :slight_smile: Personally, I recall being unsure of answering in your thread at first (usually prefer being more of a reader than participating a lot lol), but I felt that you needed to hear that at the time.

Good luck with all your other magickal endeavors, OP!


Thank you so much for your instinct and your gift, I am grateful! I hope you have a great week! :hugs::hugs:


@anon39079500 I like that. I feel very close to Orias and I think he likes me pretty well. His presence ( or maybe just a feeling he projects to me because he knows what I petitioned him for and we have a good relationship ). When he shows up ( I can feel his wonderful presence during the middle of the call and it gets stronger and stronger ). It feels almost like he found me rather than me finding him. During evocation, at the time of calling, it feels very intensely euphoric, very much like an opioid high. He also projects that onto me at random times, even when I’m not thinking about the occult. He also does this at the start of what turns out to be a crappy day, almost like “hey, today is going to be rough, but I’m still with you, so enjoy this feeling”. When I evoking him for that purpose ( to bask in the feeling ), I usually make my statement of intent something like “you and I share a bond and get to know each other better”. He sometimes just does it. Once, during a random “feeling projection” I told him " I love having you around". The feeling intensified, so the purpose of experiencing his energy that you mentioned matches up with that and I’m glad someone mentioned that purpose. Thank you, norse9000 :slight_smile: