Why would a demon / god help somebody? I don't get it

Speaking very generally, it seems to me that most powerful beings are genuinely “happy” to be sought out, in a time where are all so “advanced” that they are largely forgotten. That does not mean that everything out there is benign, but that’s also true in my car and my bathroom.


I have a similar idea, sorta kinda Hindu in origin, that powerful entities are simply in many “places” at the same “time.” Christians don’t think God is running around from church to church on Sunday morning; the same is true of Papa Legba. He simply is where he wants and needs to be - no more, no less. Like sunlight.


@SpaceTravelr I don’t work with these entities for petty favours so I can’t answer that. The pact I have with them is simple: Power and Godhood in return for absolute obedience.


Here’s one way of looking at it, Demons represent and exist in very specific currents of power, their desire is to express that power however and whenever they can, so by calling upon them for earthly or materialistic desires we give them what they want at the same time getting what we want. very win win situation.

You can if you want to, but not really.


He benefits from being able to use his power and in that way it expands his Influence, most Demons don’t care about us in the same way as another human being would and it’s probably not a good idea to start assuming they do, they are following their own agenda first and foremost but if in doing that you just so happen to end up with more sex, more money or a bigger dick along the way so much the better for you no?

It’s a mutually beneficial business relationship in that way.


It is true. I have been practicing alone for the majority of my life I didn’t even read EA’s books until last year and still had some successes that anyone not with similar experiences might dismiss out of hand as just fantasy much less my more common place success. It just takes hard work and dedication and also most importantly enjoying what you do.


But people on here, who have lives, things to do, respond and freely share their time, i sent you that core shamanism tutorial I took time out to create, and regularly upgrade based on questions, to help with senses… so why do WE do this?

I bet you’ll respond helpfully yourself, if you se a thread where you have relevant information and ideas that could help the OP?

Spirits being present in many places at the same time - try this theory:


It is my understanding that these entities desire to operate or come to our world, it seems us as magicians open the door and give them the vehicle necessary to do it.

So no matter what these entities will help, even when you call their name once but with intent, you already opened a doorway, a lot of practitioners who can’t see or hear these entities have one problem.

That problem is because they cannot see or hear, feel the spirit they believe it didn’t come, THESE SPIRITS ARE STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM.

It is our power that brings and allows them to operate in our world / plane of existence, E.A Koetting describes this in a unique way he states …

" Spirits are consciousness and power embodied and if there’s one thing power wants to do the most, that is to act ".

I believe that to be true, if the power doesn’t continue to act and follow on a regular basis, then that power becomes stagnant.

When entities help you they also have their own agenda, what that might be is more than likely subjective depending on what spirit you ask, but without us magicians, witches, sorcerers etc.

Without us they cannot come, we are living breathing gateways, we are conduits of power.

I’ve come to the realization that demonic entities, are very interested in our spiritual evolution, they want to be a part of it, but they understand our physical material needs must be met.

For us to be in a place and or a position were we can continue on our magickal and spiritual development, some spirits will even ruin your life because in the struggle, you end up in a uncomfortable position, which is the greatest place to be to evolve.

So it seems there are many reasons why these spirits would help us, there are even more reasons that i haven’t mentioned here, hope that answers your question.


My theory is they’re kind of astral Trekkies, beings who love a particular thing or outcome so much they happily spend time working towards it… :wink:

I did a post about this before:


SO basically, I have no business here unless I develop my psychic abilities…

It’s very hard to make a pact or something if you can’t feel/hear/see them.

I’m following a course on raising kundalini, I want to awaken the serpent fire in order to raise my consciousness and spiritual development. I’m also considering kundalini yoga etc for stronger energy body etc. With energy work

I think this is the best way to develop clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairvoyance.


NOT true, don’t you dare think that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously several people have gone from raw beginner to experienced enough to go pro in my time on this forum, you start where you are and you keep working until you see results. :+1:

The only way to see/hear/sense is to keep doing magick, imagine wanting to bench press 250lbs but at the moment you can barely do 10 pushups, you don;t give up in discouragement, because if you do the goal will remain out of reach… you work.

And luckily magick is more quantum leaps than slow steady slogging, the more you push the more spirits notice you and the faster your senses develop.


@SpaceTravelr As @Lady_Eva can confirm when I came on here 3 months ago I had not seen a single Spirit. Sure, I had done a few things that would be unbelievable to even many seasoned occultists (Honestly, if you really want it over the top phenomena isn’t as hard as many people, including on here, make it out to be. Consistency is. One miracle isn’t) but that’s not the point. I still hadn’t seen a single Spirit. Now I call them daily (often to visual manifestation) with a level of ease that I would not have thought possible back then. I am hardly a Master, or an Adept but the point is that it really isn’t that hard.


I second this :point_up:

And @Lady_Eva 's post.


@TheStorm @Lady_Eva

TheStorm, you are a very lucky man. Or woman.

Everybody is gifted naturally to a certain degree. Some will develop faster, some are born super natural talents.

I won’t quit, and I know this isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. A lifetime marathon. I will start out with the exercises Lady_Eva gave me. And the energy work, that will be a good start.

Well it’s just that i’m overly enthusiastic and in this society we are programmed into instant gratification. Now now now and me me me:stuck_out_tongue:

I really need to get rid of those limiting and impatient mindset.


Why? Could you please clarify?

@SpaceTravelr Okay. You completely missed the point. Evocation is easy and you don’t need spiritual gifts to any large degree to see and talk to Spirits. Yes. Some things WILL take time. Calling forth Spirits in front of you to visual appearance is pretty much the most basic, fundamental thing there is though. You are thinking of it as being harder than it is. Just follow the instructions (EA has good material, though as always with some systems that may not be the best way to work with the Spirits) and you will be seeing Spirits with ease very, very soon.


What he said :point_up: also i would add when you begin evoking during the ritual take good notes of thoughts that bubble up during. Likely it will be the entity attempting to make contact. Dont worry about if they are of your mind or not, least not during the ritual. Question things all you want after the ritual but leave doubt out of your ritual.

When you call a force it responds. If it decides to work with you long term is another thing but it will react.


Ask anyone on here, I’m not able to see or hear them very well. I just talked to @Dinmiatus about this. But when @TheStorm joined I had to channel constantly for them. Now he does everything independently. It takes work but everything can be done in time


Dear Friend

They may have their own reason beyond our conscience and our reasoning. Our ideas are bound by our intelligence and this is indeed pretty small unfortunately compared to their vision.

Many reasons maybe in the place. Some parts may be understood but some parts may never be.

Anyway for example, if you look the religious text, you may assume for a while that they help in order to gain followers. So once you begin “trade” with them, even you do not give anything at once- or small things like blood or fluids which may be just proof or your commitment or maybe nothing- just to test your willingness maybe, some real energy words or some mambo jambo within the way, but probably these are not things they need or look indeed, the real thing is the link you create, you owe them something, that means “a relation”, once you get concrete results with your desires you keep coming and you may owe more and more day by day. maybe at the end you owe nothing with your terms, they do all of these to show their abilities maybe they just play and have fun. maybe they prove something to other entities, anything can be. But the real answer is beyond our guess indeed.

So one day you may get the receipt. As per JCI that would be Hell maybe…But at least you would go there not for nothing but at least with smile on your face and good experiences. But that is not the case; please keep in mind that JCI only manipulate things…

Do not just believe in the religious texts, think different question them really, broaden your vision… See things in a different way. then believe anything you want but do it for your own maturity…

Maybe all of the religious texts about hell are just written so to hide the real powers from you; from people? Quite possible… Maybe the aim was to create somehow an illusion to hide the keys of the universe: These keys mean power and power is not to share for some… And they did sugar coating that illussion with some good words or good deeds to confuse minds.

Even the price is Hell and which is not ? Again many would say yes

Yes but Why ?

Think for a moment; If you are A Christian, you are probably baptised and you will go to heaven but the jews and muslim are destined to hell, but they do not believe in that at all They claim the opposite. For Muslims, you share the power of God between Jesus and God and for Jews you are not chosen in the first place. So you are already bound to hell. The same applies for Jews they are bound to hell within the view of Christians and they are God killer in a way. And muslims do not accept Jesus as a savior and they are not baptised so they also go to Hell.For example within Dantes vision in Inferno even their prophet goes to Hell Do you see how contradicting all of these sometimes . all of this indeed are part of Divine Comedy.

And for a moment think did you ever see any religious leader Jew, Christian or Muslim who wish and pray every day to die or risk his life really for the greater good so he may reach for that “certain” Heaven. No; apart a very few a big no for the most…but think --why ? – after all it is certain heaven and why wait then? They will say that they are doing here “great work”… Oh.yeah !!
So what if they go holiday do you think that the world will collapse or what if they die; will the humanity perish…

No Simply they are not sure at all, nut they may not admit and that certain Heaven is not certain at all indeed they know that in deep.

Anyway apart from JCI, all the japanese Chinese Indians etc; they will all go to hell, simple reason- yes very simple and that is just being on the " wrong" side of humanity…

So does all of these make sense to you ? think again maybe there are more truths than you may imagine
probably hidden deep truths.

For example why demons are demons -even within religious context- because they gave humans the right to “choose”… because they have “expanded” the worlds of humans yes by lust but not just by lust, by love or by geometry even. Some angels have said “fallen” because they gave humans some secret of universe. Think about --Fibonacci Numbers, or Pi; 3,1428 …

Even lust and even it is “cursed” by some ,indeed it is one of the greatest “gift” in our sad lives.

All of these and more; one may say are they “bad or good”. Who can judge… Who can judge in a soundly manner. For me I guess they are good they all together even with their conflict and harmony make “life”.

Indeed just for a second, if everything is decided by God so their help should also be decided by God and why then God gets angry.

So see please see the big picture. If you call them and if they choose you, and -as you are here and that means something at first place- and once you get answers, this will create a more “mature you” at least.

Will there be a price. Sure that would be … But not Hell or something similar; indeed something beyond all that. Something that we may not guess but it does not entitled to be something “bad” indeed, so do not worry …

But please think more deep. Already anyway we were all going to Hell and maybe for nothing, even in the absence of lust as per vision of the religious communities,just staying or being born on the wrong side of humanity.

so you lose nothing even in the worst case and you would have fun during your stay in the world at least it makes more sense I think…

But all left aside let your intuition guide you… This will give you the thing that you need This is your soul in search and let it guide you through the way. . This will be the answer of your stay in the world; not the price of anything or not the answer of your desires only but deep and more concrete realities.

Please do not restrain yourself with a “trade” mentrality only, and just enjoy that sequence in a way just carpe diem, be sure that you will enjoy now and then


Just because some of them like you.


:blush::blush::blush: to tell you honestly… :yum::yum:This forum is like the Disneyland of reality…