Why would a demon / god help somebody? I don't get it

Hey guys,

I’m just reading through various topics, you guys have some really interestingg stuff here on this forum :grin:
But WHY on earth would a powerful mighty DEMON KING help some human soul with earthly or materialistic desires? Like getting women/money/attraction/love or other stuff that people want.

WHy would a Demon King help me? Does he like it? Is it in his nature to help human souls? Do I have to worship this Demon aftwards?

I’m seriously considering to do rituals in order to ask them help…
Also Is this considered ‘‘black magick’’ ? Evoking demon spirits and asking them for a spell or desire

For example if I would ask Demon King Beleth for female attraction and sex or something, how would he benefit from this?

Or if I asked for a longer and bigger dick or more money into my business. These are all earthly desires, how would he benefit from this? Does he enjoy watching how successful I will be with my business?

I really don’t get it. It’s wonderful that people are able to ask help from these powerful demons.
If somebody could give me answers…



Quick question. How do you fell when you help something achieve a specific goal, from which you hold experience?


I would feel honoured tha they asked me for help LOL.
And I would kinda like it when somebody achieves success in his personal life and I played a significant role in it.
But hey, that’s just me :smile:


From my own experience with some of these entities they fell exactly the same.


How do I Invoke/Evoke those entities? I’m studying right now and I could use some help :innocent:
I’m willing to make a pact or deal or something. How do I do this?

My astral senses aren’t really developed. I can sense energies but that’s about it. How would I proceed from here on?


MY astral sense haven’t fully opened yet either, so I shall summon @Lady_Eva she would likely assist you. She is such a sweetheart. Well at least to the BALG community.


@SpaceTravelr That depends on what sort of entity you want. The standard method is to evoke as outlined all over this forum. The standard method can and will fail miserably when working with certain currents though. The Loa tend to be a standard example of when usual Western evocations shouldn’t be used. If you want to evoke a normal demon though this video should explain how:


@SpaceTravelr Invocations tend to be a lot simpler. The standard method for normal Demons is to open a sigil then to speak the words of an invocation to call them into you. There are other methods too and as I said above standard methods aren’t always what you should be using.


its seem like you asked to your GF or Wife/husband or even friends
why do you want to help me? support me?

so relationship is very important here
if your personality or characteristic and speciality of gods angels and demons is fit to your specific goal
they will help you

if you want to learn martial arts kungfu karate jujitsu so you will seek the master
and they will happily help you
but of course you must give something to them right?

demon gods or angel are same too
maybe you dont give to gods or angel, the money!
but you can give them “energy” transfer! “offering” etc

but the most important is “relationship, honour, and commitment” like you do to your friends or best friends


Yeah I wondered what I have to give in return… @TheStorm @GreekPantheon @Sheogorath
Like if you close a deal with a Demon King and you ask something extraordinary, you will have to give something extraordinary in return too.

So that leaves me one more question: energy transfers or ‘‘offerings’’ aren’t simply enough are they? That isn’t really ‘‘extra ordinary’’ if a Demon King will give me ‘‘money’’ lots of sex with hot women, or a 9 inch dick or psychic/magickal abilities or whatever I can think of.

Arre they really just satisfied with energy transfer? Like I could give them a notification when i’m about to enter a woman and have sex with her. Like hey Beleth, I’ve just met this beautiful woman and now we’re going out tonight and afterwards she will stay over for the night… You can have the energies ! :smiley:

If he grants me money, how do I return him the favor? There isn’t any sex involved with business/making money or that kind of stuff. :innocent:

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It depends on the entity and what you want and where you’re coming from. But you need to get rid of the notion that we are lowly human souls and they would have no interest in us. I can tell you from my own experience the lovely Lucifer has not wanted anything from me. He’s shown me things he wants or likes because I like to give him offerings out of love and devotion. But for things I want or ask for, he hasn’t demanded or asked for anything. What does he get? Well a friend. Praise. Devotion- NOT worship. I don’t know about you but if i see something a friend would like I get it for them. I check in to see how they are - not just unload on them. I speak highly of them. I’m loyal to them. But that’s just my experience.

Duchess Bune came and said " hi" during a couple of my meditations . She was lovely and just smiling so cutely. And she got me an extra work bonus. Nothing was expected, she just wanted to drop in. I think once you begin to create real and meaningful relationships with them, others want in on that too. You make a name for yourself in the spirit world.



Thank you for your reply! That actually makes a lot of sense. It’s about connections, deep meaningful relationships. I’m a loyal friend aswell but I’ve had my fair share of unworthy unloyal friends…
I would love to have a long lasting loyal friendship/relationship with a Demon/Godess they won’t let you down I think. I really want to get to know them better.

What do you think of those programs that are being offered on the becomealivinggod homepage?

  • Masterering evocation & possession
  • Mastering Astral Travel
  • Mastering Kundalini & Energy work

Did anyone tried one of these programs? They seem very alluring to me lol. Would love to read some reviews about it. Do they actually yield results ? They are quite expensive.

Any recommendations?


If evocation is your aim then EA’s book Evoking Eternity is a great start. It is a bit less costly to find a copy, and is packed with excellent information and excercises. It also starts with basic nature spirits and builds up to the more intense ones, so that is another plus.

Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos is another good one, I just don’t really agree with the system’s use of HOGD Elemental tools because you are not moving through the elemental grades to understand their significance. Tablets should suffice just fine in those works.


I have a small theory that often times when we evoke a being we are not evoking the full of the entity but only a part of it. The way we can create from parts of ourselves thoughtforms and servitors to carry about specific tasks and then absorb them. Such a thing would be trivial for such experienced beings and in their timeless state there is no reason they might not create clones of themselves of varying grades to answer such calls.
So while we evoke them it is them but not them. A part of themselves empowered to act as them. In addition there is always a price a tax. Part of the energy that goes into conjuring them I believe goes to pay this as in such planes the only currencies of true value are energy, power, and knowledge.
By working with us they can gain energy or at times knowledge and the more they are brought into the world the stronger their presence becomes as well. It literally costs them no time to their ultimate existence but provides them with some benefit nonetheless.
This is my theory and there is no question many of them do it for the experience as well, the total of the amusement from such things.


Honestly and with all due respect to EA, I don’t think it’s necessary to take the courses to be able to achieve the spiritual success you’re seeking. This forum alone is full of excellent information and personal experiences. If you feel the courses would benefit you then by all means proceed. I would view it as a useful tool, and I’m always up for knowledge - I just mean you’ll learn more by just DOING.

Lots of people on here, I’m sure EA himself, have had remarkable success with a seal, an offering, and some quiet time to get into state.


Speaking very generally, it seems to me that most powerful beings are genuinely “happy” to be sought out, in a time where are all so “advanced” that they are largely forgotten. That does not mean that everything out there is benign, but that’s also true in my car and my bathroom.


I have a similar idea, sorta kinda Hindu in origin, that powerful entities are simply in many “places” at the same “time.” Christians don’t think God is running around from church to church on Sunday morning; the same is true of Papa Legba. He simply is where he wants and needs to be - no more, no less. Like sunlight.


@SpaceTravelr I don’t work with these entities for petty favours so I can’t answer that. The pact I have with them is simple: Power and Godhood in return for absolute obedience.


Here’s one way of looking at it, Demons represent and exist in very specific currents of power, their desire is to express that power however and whenever they can, so by calling upon them for earthly or materialistic desires we give them what they want at the same time getting what we want. very win win situation.

You can if you want to, but not really.


He benefits from being able to use his power and in that way it expands his Influence, most Demons don’t care about us in the same way as another human being would and it’s probably not a good idea to start assuming they do, they are following their own agenda first and foremost but if in doing that you just so happen to end up with more sex, more money or a bigger dick along the way so much the better for you no?

It’s a mutually beneficial business relationship in that way.


It is true. I have been practicing alone for the majority of my life I didn’t even read EA’s books until last year and still had some successes that anyone not with similar experiences might dismiss out of hand as just fantasy much less my more common place success. It just takes hard work and dedication and also most importantly enjoying what you do.