Why we cannot change some situation

As I have mentioned in some tarot and geomancy reading session with some members like @Angeela or @Dankquanicus ( I mentioned them because their reading was accurate, unfortunately :confused:) my canada student visa failed however I did some ritual during process and after submitting my application and by considering omens the rituals were successful partially.

Why I couldn’t change this situation? Why the outcome of my situation didn’t changed by magick ? I was failed once without magick but this time I did better than before but it failed again even with magick.
Is there a distiny or someone affects (human or spirit)?


I believe we can change pretty much anything but you need an incredibly strong will and also a path for magic to flow through. Magic works through coincidence after all.

Lusting for results can hamper magic.

You mentioned the ritual was partially successful but without knowing what you did it’s really difficult to help

I understand this relates to a visa application but what spell did you do, who did you summon

Also did you help your application? It’s all fine and dandy asking for an entity or spell to help but did you file the correct paperwork when necessary and correct the mistakes of your first application?


Again, as I said previously, from the more than 500 Geomancy readings I have done, I have never seen it done that either myself or another has changed the outcome of a reading, with or without magick.

So, why can we not change the outcome of readings? Firstly, magick is not all-powerful, it has restrictions as well, and at the same time we are subject to higher cycles of fate, such as where we are born, our life circumstances, etc. And well, these higher cycles of fate are the reason why you are in this situation currently after all.

Now, I don’t believe everything is fated, but there is certainly a level of it. You would be fooling yourself if you thought everything is fluid, as divination would not be possible to begin with if everything was fluid. I see some people these days say that there is definitely no such thing as fate and we always have the power to exercise free will, yet they believe in Sun Sign astrology or any other modern psychological astrology. The irony is great.

However, I don’t believe every action is fated such as the stoics believe. I believe the soul has the power to exercise free will, however, following tradition, I believe that the emotions are controlled by higher spiritual forces. We can see the state of these spiritual forces perfectly through the heavens.

Considering that the emotions are controlled by these forces or cycles, it makes perfect sense. We do not exercise free will as often as we think, often we are controlled by our emotions and passions, our way of thinking, as well as certain more esoteric things as well.

Traditionally, theurgy is the way how one can overcome fate, move beyond it. However, most normal magick will not override fate, rather it is subject to it as well. The Magick we do is often times determined by what we desire, so magick flows strongly with fate as the path of the magician is often the path of the will. I have never known a Magician who has overcome fate through magick, rather these things are in harmony with each other.


My understanding of your well-written post is that magick just increases success chance but sometimes our chance are so slim because of fate or higher spiritual forces then we cannot change outcome even with magick.
Is it a correct perception ( you are a fu**ing good geomancer :angry::rage:)


Yes that is right, magick is not all powerful as we see, it can not change everything in the world, and usually when it is done it takes time for what is requested to be granted.

So, we must keep in mind, that you have your personal fate, but you are working within the fate of your household, your work, city, your country, and your country is affected by the fates of everything that influence it. So, there are very well times when magick can not overcome these things.

The extent of these things in our lives is great, so great that often times already at the moment of a person’s birth, we can see how they will die from the Astrological factors present at that moment. The 8th House of the Heaven, its Sign and its Lord reveals details on this, and in the Medieval Ages.

“Three Wise Women
live there,
by that well
under that tree.
Urth is named one,
Another is Verthandi,
the third is named Skuld.
They carve men’s fates,
they determine destiny’s laws,
they choose the lifespan
of every human child,
and how each life will end.”
Völuspa, Stanza 20, Jackson Crawford translation.

Already from the point of one’s birth, these things are known, and this has been known by many cultures in ancient times.

So truly, there are many who live life without ever significantly exercising free will to the point where the circumstances of their death never change. It was a common question for Medieval Geomancers how long one will live and how they will die as well, but the very Heavens show this at that time of birth.

It is very pleasing to the ego to believe we are always exercising free will and have the capability to anything in life (see, the Holy Guardian Angel), but in practice this is not the case.

However these things are not said to depress you or anyone else, but rather there is a great spiritual harmony between everything in the world. In practice, we can see this every day, and it makes magick and divination and all such things possible in our lives.
So, continue as you will to seeking a good path in life. If you can obtain the visa, it will be obtained, and if it can’t, then simply move to another path that is good.

It may even be more beneficial to use magick to seek guidance on what to do, rather than insisting this visa is the only way to obtain what you want in life.