Why this is Revolutionary, :)


I know it sounds like click bait so I am going to take you through this point by point and I am going to be specific.

I get excited and am very passionate which is usually reflected in my writing. This article will be a completely different writing style for me. I do have training in technical writing and I want to clearly delineate how exactly this material is actually revolutionary.

Point Number One:
With the publication of the Golden Dawn Material by Isreal Regardie occult correspondences became publicly codified. Since then every other system from the east or west and white magick or black, has been adapted to this set of correspondences. Chakras, Tattvas, Planetary and Zodiac powers are all cookie cutter stuffed through the template. The far flung origins of those associations and template are found in the roots of Zoroastrianism. The lights of the Chakras and the Tree of Life are the Lights of Ahura Mazda. These are not new or revolutionary ideas at all. These are known historical facts also known to Mystics and Magicians alike, they are the very forces manipulated to achieve Alchemical and Magickal results.

Counter Point Number One:
The Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph does not depend on knowledge of the Chakras or any other lights of Ahura Mazda as a part of its Mystical or Magickal practice. Even more revolutionary is the severing of these ties with these vortexes of energy which limit your potential. The idea of not using the Chakras or Nadis in energy work is new. The idea of actually liberating your Self from the chains of the Chakras and the Nadis is completely revolutionary.

Point Number Two:
These are known forces that even Black Magicians bend to their will. Yes these forces behave in a very scientific way and do not care if you heal or harm. As a matter of fact the most comprehensive instructional vampire book ever published relies entirely on the knowledge of the chakras and nadis. The powers of light bend to vampirism. It works because of what the light of Ahura Mazda really is. All of the light workers and black Magicians who manipulate the powers of lights created by Ahura Mazda simply reinforce the chains of our slavery to Samsara, to Maya and to our cage. This is not a new idea either or revolutionary. This is Anti-cosmic Satanism, this is the Forbidden Religion and the Gnostic Heresy of the Nag Hammadi Library. The Forbidden Religion and the Nag Hammadi Library both agree: that this world is a prison of lights created to distract us from what we really are and limit us to believe our cage is all that is possible. These are ancient ideas and their adherents have been mislead to believe that total annihilation is the only path to liberation.

Counter Point Number Two:
Enter Ahriman and Counter Creation:
Ahura Mazda made sheep and Ahriman made Wolves.
I love wolves and actually a lot of people identify with wolves.
The counter creation of Ahriman was not ever total annihilation, it was a counter balance.
The Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph is not another “ooo the darkness is so cool ego stroking baleful tome.” It is a completely revolutionary approach to liberate yourself from the Dominion of Ahura Mazda and instructions to apply the Ahrimanic technology of counter creation to discover how far your unlimited potential can take you. It is about liberation, finding your unlimited potential and applying that.

Point Number Three:
Neil deGrasse Tyson has redefined the scientific method to mean that if you learn something verify that with another person. The only thing that can weaken this is cognitive bias.

Counter Point Number Three:
Kurtis Joseph has not been hiding out practicing alone. From the beginning he reached out to others to learn from, to share information with and more controversially to ask select individuals to test his work that was always a work in progress. The Temple of the Adversarial Forge is older than Become a Living God. The Forge was utilized by Kurtis Joseph for several purposes. One was to be able to test and verify results. He would never tell you what to expect as to avoid cognitive bias. He would only give you operations to perform. Many times this is how he lost friends. The operations were cutting edge and often dangerous. Think of the universe of light created by Ahura Mazda as a living organism, anyone moving against the light universe would be seen as malfunctioning and the self adjusting universe would move to fix the malfunction. But there is no other way to test material. You might think I am exaggerating. What you have to understand is that a path set against all other paths, if it actually is powerful is dangerous. To go with the flow and take the safe road is easy. Verified results happened time and time again with different people over time. As the current built momentum and more individuals came and went. Every one who has worked with Kurtis Joseph and not run away has verified an undeniable potency of his current. My third party verification of the Kytan experiment happened many years ago. There have been many other experiments where the power of this path has been verified.
The Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph meets the specific criteria outlined by Neil deGrasse Tysons definition for having applied the scientific method.
As tomes go, I would say that is indeed new and revolutionary.

You might think that I am biased. Kurtis Joseph himself can tell you that we have disagreed at times and even been skeptical of each other. Yes Kurtis Joseph is a skeptic and so am I. Over time we became fast friends. Over time we have stood up for each other. So you might think I have cognitive bias. Speaking as someone provided materials to test I have to confess: working with the latest material from Kurtis Joseph scared the hell out of me. Oh I verified the results but it is, it really is. Power is literally awe inspiring. Breaking the chains is a bit harrowing.

Kurtis Joseph used to be known as Pomahazael Draconis and his Motto was: “Devour, destroy, become or be crushed.”

He has become so much more. This material changes everything.
Which ironically enough was prophesied by a nine foot Angel.

Break your chains and become Limitless.

The Black Magick of Ahriman by Kurtis Joseph is only available through Become a Living God.

Until next time…
Blessed Awakening
Article by Firestorm Coraxo

P.S. I actually have alot more points in my notes but for brevity sake I only included these. It is already quite the wall of text.

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Maya infestation… ?

Realized via study of Kenneth Grants work.

Well then, that makes a lot more sense.

In relation to the art of manifestation that makes a lot of sense. It describes why counter creation works as a method of manifestation. That is why you first have to counter the Creation of Ahura Mazda before you can manifest your will.

Made sense of by contemplating the work of Kurtis Joseph. :slight_smile:


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