Why this is happening? (No rlly, why?)

So, in these side of the earth it’s famous to believe that if you help or do something considered ‘good’ then the karma (let’s just say karma, but is very different, more like cause and effect) will bring you a ‘bad’ thing as a reward from your action. It’s the law, so people from here try to do regular things adding normal/‘good’ behaviour with destructive, abusive, ‘bad’ actions…
I guess they practice this to keep the balance of the universe, you know?

You know, I have seen that line of thinking quite often. I think it used more as a mental cushion than anything. The people I have interacted with that mentality have had one of two things happen. The first is the displeasure of running into someone who took advantage of their generosity, leaving the mental imprint of “if I help someone, then I will suffer”. The second is the sudden shift of luck that can leave people with the thought “why me”. Both i can understand, however i wonder if that mindset can cause unintended manifestation of the bad luck that they believe are the reward from “good” deeds.

Also, the idea of sacrificial suffering from theology can come into play as well.


Definitely is manafesting bad thing for good people that power of beliefe. So is it just me or if everyone scares to do good and does constant bad your only gonna get bad things happening must make that area a perfect swelling for parasites plenty of suffering.

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Then I suppose you should do bad things so karma brings you a good thing as a reward. Problem solved, everyone’s happy :grin:

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I would say that is a pretty accurate observation. It can take courage to do something “good”.

I once asked God to allow me to trade forgiveness for some of those cursed for using computers on me for good luck formyself then seen clovers everywhere in my sight then when I walked 50 yards found a hundred dollar bill.


When people frame situations in this way, it is the equivalent to a self curse. This kind of negative programming goes to a deep level and creates a real emotional expectation of bad things happening. And that becomes the new reality for them. Magic doesn’t just happen in the ritual chamber. That’s just where we do it on purpose. We create constantly.


No hay mal que por bien no venga, they say up there, in a VERY supersticious country (no offense intended, you know it is like that).

It’s just an excuse for being jerks.

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I couldn’t agree more

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When I was little I saw a person dying in the streets and everyone were just watching without doing anything, was the first time this behaviour semeed peculiar to me.
it’s the common sense in this place, so yeah, full of parasites and self imposed suffering.