Why take demons to your dark side?

So something I have been wondering is why demons are always painted in a negative light. Through personal experience, I have found working with “The Ancients” to be nothing but positive and empowering.

It seems that any popular research you find on them is always pointing toward the darks side, causing death, destruction, disease and the like throughout history and it would seem to me that the writer, not “The Ancient” is the driving force behind this.

I was wondering if anyone else shares my views or could correct me if I am totally off on this.


Religious/political/strategic reasons.

Death, destruction and disease are a natural part of the whole thing. Feeling bad about it and wanting to escape it creates a bunch of new “believers” who are willing to obey and to serve. Because:
Religious/political/strategic reasons.


Thanks for your input on that :slight_smile: It makes me think about ascension then. Isn’t that working towards something more than you are currently and then just another form of escape?

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That kinda depends on the person who wants to ascend and why.
I will remain what I already am. I am not a god or anything else. But I do spiritual work, because it allows me to stand on my own two feet, even as plain and old “me”.


Imagine if the masses realized how empowering the demons can be? That would be bad for modern religions. They use fear to keep people away from this and it’s effective.


Thanks, I love Plain old you LOL :kissing_heart:


Then I feel like I am on the right track. I want people to know what’s really out there and what they truly are capable of. I saddens me deeply to feel that those in popular positions would prevent people from making up their own minds.


Some religions also say that demons will give you what you want and in return make you do wrong things(murder, drugs, rape , etc…) ! Haven’t read this stupid theory in a single book about demons so far :joy:

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For the same reason why angels are considered to be all light and fluffy, when in actuality they are badass warriors fully capable of destroying anything and everything, just like the demons are said to.

It always struck me as odd as to why demons would be branded as “evil” and only wanting to destroy those that summon them, when the Bible clearly states that when God wanted someone or something destroyed, he sent the angels, not the devils.

Of course, one could argue that was Divine punishment, not maliciousness on the part of the angels, but the point is, angels are not light and fluffy. They kill things, bring disease, and do everything religion lays at the feet of demons.


Be cautious because some Abassy or Asuras or Demons or Druden or Jinn or Wanderers etc. are in fact malevolent. However, that doesn’t mean malevolent spiritual entities can’t be worked with but a conjurer, or operator, or shamanka, or shaman, or sorceress, or sorcerer, or witch, or warlock better know the standard protocols i.e. traditional recommendations of dealing with such malevolent entities as a precaution.

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The gods of yesterday are the demons of today. A lot of it has to do with reframing the way they’re percieved.

I just call them all “spirits” as the way they opperate differs more than their disposition.

I’ve cursed with Angels and used Demons to elevate someone


Which are? Any specific? Examples of your doing? Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m very slow LOL Hope I understand you right, here goes!

Which are? - Most from what I have seen, The goetia paints them as fiends to be controlled and ranks them. This passage is all over the internet as an example:

Any specific? - But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominions are in darkness, and his purpose is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are but angels of destruction.

There’s a long list, but I don’t get this feeling, it feels misaligned to me.

Examples of your doing? I have recently developed something with Belial, I feel like I am truly listened to. I feel he cares about me and my well being. He provided an opportunity for an immediate job, which I am not truly happy with, I would never say that out loud in the moment because I was just happy to work and grateful. Just thinking it though caused 3 people to reach out to me for no reason to see if I’m looking for a job. Weird right…

There’s lots of little things like this in my life happening and actually I feel myself changing for the better, people notice, the world seems to listen and I command more of a presence in a room now.

So I question the validity of the first statement made, I am unsure they knew Belial at all or they just tapped into the worst of him.

Does that help answer your questions?

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Based on my observations, the way how They will handle you is mostly depends on how you handle Them (thoughts, actions, everything can matter) or/and even yourself.

Every one of Them have Their own personality (or personalities, as Aspects, Masks too), so of course you can experience different behavior from different Deities in different situations, but this is absolute natural.

Besides websites about Them, I like to reading experiences connectiong to Them (yes, I’ve heard about conjurers unpleasant experiences with some of Them), because those are most personal things like a simple description, and it can help to understand the Deity (but nothing will be thas effective like doing it by your own).

I’ve always believe in: get informations as many as you can as many source from you can, but start every relationship with a Deity with a crystal clear card, cleanse your mind and let Him/Her reveal Himself/Herself, as you do the same.

It seems that any popular research you find on them is always pointing toward the darks side, causing death, destruction, disease and the like throughout history

Humans find lot of natural things terrible, but this is how religious and political machines are working, and this is all coming from the human’s ego and ignorance, bias and from lot of stuffs what they hate anyway but still beating even inside that person, too. What lot of religions doing then? They’ll use these against humanity, and attempts to control them via their religion.

Then I feel like I am on the right track. I want people to know what’s really out there and what they truly are capable of.

Last day I’ve talked with a person and somewhere he mentioned that he won’t obtain information stuffs what he can’t stand (political, religious and so on). Exactly this behavior is why lot of people won’t understand the world around himself and change: They are don’t want to.
And because of it, you won’t change them. Nothing will change them till they do not decide chosing this path. And why would anyone leave a religion what cause them the illusion of safety? They accept these immediately, and do not want to find out more, they’re got are satisfied by these.

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Thank you for your response @Nagash, you made sense to me :slight_smile:

I guess the society teaches us that devils are evil, the power plays, as you mentioned it correctly (they even have the same root :slight_smile: or maybe not–a devi in Sanskrit means a goddess). But jokes aside, it is stuck in us pretty badly–even EA himself calls his actions or rituals evil or sinister (makes me wonder why sometimes).

I didn’t follow EA so hard, but in those videos what I saw from him it doesn’t seemed like this. But if I want to handle your rows in this way, well… from an exact perspective everything can be called ‘evil’ or ‘sinister’ what serves only your interests and cause, or simply the fact that you use magick, is evil because thankfully the human society; it became ‘alien’ to them, and we know very well how people reacts something what is too strange and odd to them but still serves an another person’s cause: evil.

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Simple. It’s JCI dogma that has resonated throughout the centuries and still does to this day.

Thanks, I’m currently exploring ways to reveal the raw currents they represent, working through the 9 Demonic Gatekeepers. I want to be a balanced representative of all they teach. I find it difficult to disassociate all that’s been written through the ages as it runs so deep in every culture, my gut tells me there’s a missing piece to this puzzle and I hope to find it.


Good question.

Christianity has built a multi Billion pound industry from using the Devil and his Demons to scare people into herding to Churches. I always liked Anton Lavey’s statement that the Devil has kept the Church in business all of these years as it’s antagonist.

What better way to control the masses than with fear?

I have had some amazing positive experiences with the ‘most evil’ of the Goetia and still do.

No being is truly all light and all dark. It’s a balance in all things.