Why succubus magick?

Aside from having wet dreams what is the use of having a succubus?


@Wahnfried That is the superficial reason they are chosen, they like other familiars provide other functions that can enhance the practitioner’s magick and knowledge. While sexuality is one of the subjects they excel in doesn’t mean its the only.


Pleasure, self-exploration, and manifestation via sex magick


Ubis are always associated with sex (with which, however, they are related in a ritual and not superficial way), but they are much more than that. They are excellent partners in magical development. In addition, they function as familiars, catalysts, teachers and protectors.


Thank you. I believe I may have a natural capacity for sex magick…

For me it helped removed self shame, increase self acceptance and just in general made me feel better about how and who I am. Clearing mental blockages, etc. That kind of stuff.

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Honestly, not everyone but quite a few people here seem to use succubus for just that - sex. Without realizing the succubi are individuals of their own. I think that’s the first reason anyone chooses to summon/interact with a succubus. I mean why not just petition for any spirit partner? Instead it’s very specific to a succubus, probably because their associated with sex. I haven’t seen many that see them as more then that, which seems like a very human thing to do.

You can work with a succubus the same you could work with other spirits, but people work with succubus in a very specific area. Usually for self-gratification.

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hey, brothers and sisters. let me introduce the succubus. The incubus and the succubus like to get you off. Thats what gets them going. You have to consider what they’d want before you could begin to whip them.

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