Why so Sirius?

Thread for general information about the star Sirius.
Since working with the pagan Arab pantheon and my recent works with Ash-Shi’rā (Sirius or the god of that star) I’ve been getting way too many synchronised events and information.
From Egypt, South America,Africa and a multitude of occult orders and civilisations this is a recurring theme.
There’s pleanty of info on Saturn but few brought out in-depth info on Sirius when there’s a clear importance to the planet and it’s current.



I’ve asked Ash-Shi’ra about his demonic form and he declined to answer saying that I’ll soon understand…
If anyone has any added info on this post it.
This star is “the headless one”

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I believe Sirius B is where you should direct your focus. I also believe the blue ray light being who abducted me is centralized there. I think spiritual technologies is a key phrase to think about, those mnemonic architectures, psionic systems, and energetic sciences that are bridging science and spirituality are heavily influenced by Sirius assistance. I have been working with this star a good bit, and you’re right, it is highly important for anyone siriusly into the occult to study this. Illuminati power(which we all have access to through the money, or the one eye of spiritual current(see?)). I suggest reading Prometheus Rising.


Much appreciated.

And thanks for the book recommendation.


This is the sigil if needed.


Every time I hear “why so serious” or “why are you so serious?” I think of this. No lie.


So much synchronicity, please keep us updated with what you find!

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“As Mrgavyadha, the star represents Rudra (Shiva).” <- That’s neat. I didn’t know that one before!

“…classically depicted as Orion’s dog.” <- This, I knew. The intriguing thing is, if you delve into the history of Orion’s mythology, he and his dog are two versions of the same thing.


I can’t edit post for some reason but in the first post Ashi’ra is a feminine deity.


I knew about the Egyptian link, originally before their OCD love of round numbers got in the way their calendar was linked to Sirius rising - what may be more relevant is when I see the goddess isis, she appears s a collection of white orbs, like some kind of astral shape, within a body that appears like if you wrapped outer space, in a clear glass mould the shape of a woman.

I find this inexplicable but it was how she spontaneously manifests to me, without structuring or any imposed expectations, and sharing fwiw.


@Lady_Eva It would make sense :slight_smile: Isis’ planetary association is Sirius.

She also appears to me in a similar way, the lights very much so even when I use her symbols alone.