Why so little information on radionics-wishing machines etc?

It seems very few people have experience and information on radionics and wishing machines etc? Why do you think this fact is so? I am very interested to know if these devices work and if radionics in general works effectively.

You mean wishboard and the Law of Attraction?

I never heard of them. But to me magick is supernatural, a phenomenon of conciousness. So any materialistic way to approach it is doomed to fail. But I’m willing to look it up and see what can be done with them. It sound like fun and besides quarantine Leaves a lot of free time.

wishing machines

I call those corporations. They are egregores created by guilds in collaboration with the state to grant wishes.


No, it is not the same.

I am into Radionics. It does work, but not all the time, results do vary.

It works, like all magick does, if you work it. Definitely a bit of an oddball paradigm, these days.

If you haven’t read them already, “Uncle Chuckie” (Charles Cosimano) has published a pretty good-sized collection of psionics/radionics books. He has them available for free download on his website: E books

He also has a fair number of videos on YT (and I would have to assume elsewhere) discussing his work on psionic machines/radionics.

Personally, I conceive of psionic/radionic devices as expressions of ritual intent through the archetype, or perhaps “artistic media,” of the Machine.

Definitely look up the phrase “Symbolic Hieronymus Machine” while you’re at it. I’ve long been tempted to have one of those printed up on a custom circruitboard, it’s just begging to be done…

No, I hadn’t heard of them previously.