Why oak trees?

An associated author wrote that “oak trees are a gateway to the spirit world”. Why oak trees? What is special about oaks in particular? Curiousity…

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Never heard this before. If there’s any weight to it austin would be a massive swinging door :alien: we got oak trees all over the city. Places turns yellow when they are in bloom.

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This topic featured in my dream last night. I was told to create an oak tree to access other realms through it. Upon further research I found this link interesting.


The word Druid comes from “Oak Knower”. They are very majestic trees and contain entire ecosystems of other life. In a way, everything is a spiritual gateway. Oaks are just extra good gateways.

I find them to be oddly psychic. It is very easy to contemplate their life cycle and experience. When a poet wants to use a tree as a symbol, they usually go for oaks or apples. Fig trees show up, but their symbolism is more centered on the fruit.

Wounded animals will seek out oak leaves. Scientifically, their leaves have a special kind of acid that has antiseptic properties. Druids saw this and noted that they have healing abilities. Various critters prefer oaks for their burrows and will bury acorns for the winter, effectively cultivating more oaks as if they know what they are doing.

Oak wood is also excellent for crafting. Generations of Druids payed attention to them and strengthened the bond between them and humans. They’re just super cool trees. That’s all it really takes.

Maybe there’s more than one reason they say “keep Austin weird”

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Actually I misspoke on the exact quote it reads exactly “oak is the wood of the crossroads” it’s from a BALG publication

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