Why not use more than one sigil in a ritual

I’d like to read what is your experience with using more than one sigil for the same spirit. For some spirits (gods/demons), there are 2 sigils, for some others, even 3 different sigils for the same entity.
Have you used all of them at once to make your ritual more powerful?
Or why not do it?

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Using multiple seals for the same spirit will NOT make your ritual more powerful.

It would be the equivalent of calling someone on one line, while simulateously calling them on another at the same time. All you would succeed in doing is pissing off the person you are calling.

Another thing to consider is that one seal may be more energetically active for you compared to another. This was the case for me when i did the 72 Challenge. With those spirits with more than one seal, one of them stood out more for me and even began to open immediately with just a quick glance.


That’s the experience that I had too. I could see that only one sigil was activated.
The intention would be to represent the same entity fully.
But why be pissed off?
Thanks for your reply

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The spirits won’t necessarily be pissed off. That was just part of my analogy of the phone lines.

However, I have been chided by spirits for looking at the seal when the spirit was already present so I would imagine they may be a bit frustrated if you were opening multiple seals when they have already responded to the first one.


I have also had this kind of experience before, but not every single time. Sometimes I was just chanting something else and they were already there, sometimes their sigils were activatef before evocation. But as I said, not every single time and not with all entities.
I have had success before with what I asked about but I’m considering/thinking about your point of view

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I, personally, consider opening multiple seals for the same spirit to be a waste of effort and completely unnecessary, but I also don’t buy into the idea that each seal only represents an aspect of the whole, and that multiple seals are required to get the “complete” spirit.

If it works for you, and the spirits don’t mind, then there is nothing to say it’s wrong.

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Just a quick update to help the community: VK uses several sigils at once, you can check at his blog that he actually suggests it. So I also like to use more than one sigil sometimes and it’s safe.