Why not keep the occult secret?

Agreed… The exchange of information can certainly be mutually beneficial.

I can sympathize with this sort of feeling that with great power, must come great responsibility. But is it really true, though? And how are we defining suitability here? It’s clear that morality in the conventional sense doesn’t enter into it, as evidenced by Sinister groups like the ONA and the ToBL who actively promote acts of magickal murder and terrorism in order to further their own goals (which in the latter case include the annihilation of the whole cosmos and all sentient beings within it!) I’ve seen little to convince me that the efficacy of magick depends on how noble or pure one’s motives are in pursuing it. As for the argument of difficulty involved in “zapping” people, it seems fairly simple to perform an effective baneful working of sympathetic magic involving only a poppet and sheer rage. Not quite rocket science, but still sufficiently dangerous in the hands of anyone armed only with the determination to try.

Why, though? What’s their/your fundamental motivation?

Right, and for that matter this whole discussion is somewhat of a moot point, in that the genie is out of the bottle now, and short of a nuclear apocalypse or second Inquisition I don’t see occult knowledge being restricted again to only the elite.

I don’t have any clear answers here; I mainly just wanted to toss around some ideas which have been bouncing around in ye olde noggin lately. This also ties in with the paradox inherent in the idea of Theogenesis, as you brought up: how can we reconcile being able to obtain omnipotence as a God if everyone else around us are also Gods? My power to change my reality as I see fit is only limited by the extent to which those around me can counteract those changes.

In an amusing synchronicity, I just started reading Charles Leland’s Aradia, the Gospel of Witches and came across this little paragraph from the preface:


Unfortunately we live in a world where if magic is kept secret, then only the rich and powerful would ever master it. Therefore, everyone would have to have access to it in order for those that need it to get their hands on it.

You won’t believe me, but I will tell you anyway… in the city where I live the wealthy do have people working for them using magic. I know because I discovered the hard way that I was being fucked with magically as I worked for these people. There was nobody that I could turn to that would help and I won’t even bother getting into the nitty-gritty.

Where did I gain the skills to fight back? HERE…through E.A. Koetting. So now the poor have a fighting chance against the rich, and that only happens when the masses get access.


To me it’s not so much a question of should the occult be kept secret. For me the more pressing question is, even if everyone knew magick existed how many would actually cultivate this skill? It takes time, effort, dedication and a great deal of strength. Most are not willing to put that much into anything, themselves included.


One other thought on this thread, in addition to the many pluses and minuses, already noted ably. The more people are working together towards a goal, the more ideas get generated and everyone’s game improves. The “marketplace of ideas” is a cliche and not a perfect model of free speech, but it does have a lot to be said for it


Right, this is one of the definite advantages to keeping the occult visible. The way I see it, there are pros and cons to both sides:

Letting occult knowledge be freely disseminated and used by all leads to a flourishing open marketplace of ideas that promotes the continual creation and improvement of magick, but it also creates the potential for abuse by those with ill intentions as well as increasing the chance of conflict between rival magicians’ ideas of how reality should be.

On the other hand, restricting magick to a select few ensures the unrestricted power of that few to shape the world as they see fit, but this seems to be an ultimately unstable situation as secret knowledge has a way of exploding out from any containment or restriction put on it. Moreover, there is just something fundamentally repugnant and hypocritical about deciding that you, and you alone, are the ultimate arbiter of what information should be “allowed” for the consumption of the masses. I tend to lean heavily towards a libertarian/anarchist philosophy on the whole too, so it doesn’t feel right advocating anything that takes away from people’s freedom.

Thought experiment: what if, right now, every single person in the world suddenly had the ability to instantaneously manifest their every desire. What would that world look like? :thinking:


A good example of why the occult should not be kept secret and a unavailable to all …
Alchemy and homeopathic/holistic medicine.


If the knowledge is out there and easy to access, those who are gifted in it’s use will benefit, but those who are not will stay as they are. There would be a rise in practitioners if the occult became common knowledge, but not enough to really drastically change the power dynamic of skilled practitioners to non-practitioners.

I would now like to bring up the subject of glitterbombing; planting a sigil designed to increase magickal/spiritual activity in an area someplace public. Planting a few glitterbombs to ‘wake up’ the normies can only end well. Look up Ellis (the Linking Sigil) that was created by the people of DKMU.


I did list it in that 2nd link, Time Travel, Aliens, And That Damned Reflection. I saw that in a broader sense when I got the theogensis prophecy, and it was clarified later on.

It’s more what would have happened, had the godlike power of humans continued to be subverted into the model of worshipping a singular external creator, whist at the same time refusing to permit magick of even the simplest sort.

I have criticised some aspects of Sinister groups’ aims, which I described as being “like fundamentalist Islam, only without the good bits” in this thread.

That there will always be people whose inner psychological turmoil prompts them to embrace nihilism or destruction seems clear, and is a legitimate reason to “arm” the majority of people, who love life and care about the world, with magick, so they’re able to consciously create the reality they wish.


Hmm perhaps if everyone on Earth would accept magic as a common reality, that itself would empower it. Also, as it has been told above, a sigil at some areas would help too. Or maybe a sigil that covers the planet itself.

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Some right hand sided people believe that magic is not to be used to bend the will of the “universe”. “Don’t disrupt the order.” Or for example, some magick is incredibly dangerous, so inexperienced Timmy shouldn’t just pick up a book and start evoking powers beyond his comprehension. In my opinion the sharing of this knowledge is more important than keeping it to ourselves. Also think of it in terms of economic competition. If there was no competition between Xbox and PS4 the incentive to make the hardware better would reduce. Good post OP.


Secrecy is power, but it’s also having others know/think that you have some kind of unknown hidden knowledge that makes them interested in what you know.

Humans basically can’t keep their traps shut and ego gets in the way - “I’m a 124th level wizard - date me and see my magick wand darling…” “Ooooh, I’m dating a 125th level warlock but he’s up for promotion” - “Did you see Worthaboutapig, have you seen who she’s dating - only the High Magus of the Underworld of BALG!” “NOOOOOOO, ooooh wait until I tell…”

Same with rituals - many seem bogus or conflated or over complex in order to throw off the uninitiated (having said that you can initiate yourself). It may well be that you are supposed to read every 4th word in order to make sense of the ritual and the rest of it appears like the Voynich Manuscript.

Some rituals only work for those who created them, which is why intent is so important or they may well have an ingredient that was “Oops I forgot to write that down”; however I digress - the point is that people love to think they have power through owning items that value and power.

Those things can be material or non-tangible, so knowledge and status.

In order to show off they talk about what they own to impress people and in turn people who feel they are entitled to the same either attempt to emulate or knock them down a peg or two through exposure (and so the Tabloids were born).

This is why the hidden occult is an oxymoron - humans are too stupid to keep their mouths shut.


I agree to that statement. But also, don’t forget that there will always be something greater. There is no top when we’re talking about magic or knowledge. No matter how powerfull one things he is, the tables can be turned easily. And that’s actually something Thoth said in his tablets. There will always be something more and there will always be something that is hidden away from everyone. Even during the period of Atlantis and even at the period of Mu (the two times that the human kind were at its peak of its evolution) there were still things to be learned. For example, Thoth said that before he becomes the king of Atlantis, he actually had so many things to learn. And when he would learn something new, many more paths of knowledge would open for him to follow and learn even more things.

Normies can speak as much as they wish. It doesn’t matter to us a bit. Also, if you do energy work, then hiding something from a ritual or from a spell, is kind of meaningless. According to king Paimon, there are too many forms of magic to count. Some of them can be done with simply the eyes I guess, others with words (words of power that I possess a few, not that I remember them XD) and other forms that we know or not.

I love our world because there is too much knowledge to learn, but I hate it because I know that even if I live 2000 years, I can’t learn everything there is to learn. And that’s understandable. Our focus now is to fight our common enemy in order to create our world. Our world will be the one to help us ascend. Remember our war and our enemy.

When we beat them, there will be a new era, I personally call it, the era of Magus.
(it’s a nice name you gotta admit)


No joke! It’s not a free ride!

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To many extents, those who worry about a saturation of self initiates into the occult need not fear too much. Look around, materialism and this ‘cult of self’ will, in itself, occlude the need for personal growth in most people. The counter argument that; more people are into the occult now than ever before - is absolutely true, because there are more people alive now than ever before. We - you - I - do need to evolve, but outlets like this forum and website are already fascilitating that.


“…so I can’t answer for someone saner”


Reading this…wow…made my morning!!! Ahhhhhh…



@KingOfHearts616 because if everyone becomes a God there’s just no more point being one. If everyone drove a Ferrari it wouldn’t be a dream car.”

This seems like you are placing limitations of what it means to be a god.
Godhood is freedom
This is a birth right.


Anyone with a working phone with Wi-Fi can study the occult. The info is already freely available on sites like sacred scrolls and YouTube. Its just most people don’t care. So your fear is baseless.

We are living is strange times with so much free information at one’s hands and people are choosing what to do with it. If there was an honest, massive spiritual movement going it be already going on. Yes, small waves and nothing more, nothing the elites don’t already how to handle.

Your best luck is just go focus on yourself. Gain your inner knowledge and wisdom back from past lives and higher dimensions. Humanity is a lose cause.


Most people would look at this site and think we’re con artists, LARPers or mentally ill or something and that this is all nonsense. If they’re serious Xtians, they’d believe this path would lead us to an eternity of suffering in hell. So the information is out there but very few would use it; most would think this is a waste of their time.

I think one of the interesting things about occult knowledge is that if you do not intend to seek it, you will not understand it. Besides, modern culture is already doing a great job of making everything sound like fake crazy talk so even if it’s public knowledge now, it’s still only understandable to the few, while also being now easier for true seekers to find their path.

I personally don’t have a problem with more people knowing. Few people can juggle 10 clubs even though it’s public knowledge, and if they learnt it then they’ve earned it. Like many people already said the need for actual work will already filter out most people. I have the same opinion as Lady Eva on the dissemination of material.

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“Nail me up against the walll”


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