Why it is so important to love Santisima Muerte, the Goddess of Death

There is some speculation that she was originally a Mexican nun who died from a broken heart and became the Goddess of all dead helping the living transition to death and their loved ones cope with death. I recently petitioned her for something and it didn’t work out but I still keep strong. It is important to not get angry. I didn’t because there were a lot of things at play and it wasn’t her fault, she really wanted to help me. I will also try talking to her more with a pendulum. She needs love and care and patience.


She is the Hispanic incarnation of an Aztec goddess. It had to do with appreciating d ath as a part of life, the put it in it’s most basic form

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(So is the Virgin of Guadalupe - the Aztec gods are a persistent bunch!) She is also a cousin of Marinette in the vodun tradition

I think it’s wonderful to know all the mythos and incarnations. For Satisima Muerte I even dig the Catholic story.
Kind of sad, she’s running around doing favors trying to please God, which I think speaks to how the Aztec religion wasn’t accepted but she’s hanging around all incognito… Kinda, if you think about it. She’s the first saint to literally come to me. I’m a big fan :slight_smile: