Why isn't my magick working


I have done more than a handful of rituals using demons of magick book and lucifer and the hidden demons.

Nothing works, I feel nothing. Why do I have to be the one to suffer having no results from these method. These methods are easy to use but it doesn’t work so its a waste of time. Are the majority of amazon reviews fake on these books?


It sounds like you’ve fallen into the trap of believing the steps alone are what produces results. Have a search ( here on balg should cover you ) for guides on developing astral senses and energy manipulation.
Also worth looking at a few discussions focussing on what part of a ritual makes it work ( spoiler: it’s a mix if belief, energetic ability and meaning ascribed to the steps )


To add some things take some time. Sometimes several things need to happen for you to get your result, things need to fall into place. Think of it like a domino effect.

When I first started out, some things I didn’t see results till months after.

Have patience.


I learnt it can take time. When I started properly about a year ago, I expected so much in small amounts of time. I got frustrated many times

It can take months for things to change and line up, depending on what you are asking for. I tried the last book you mentioned and it required a lot of intense visualisation. It wasn’t for me,despite it being a success for others.

I found direct sigil opening and candle rituals worked better for me. Hang in there and you will get better and a negative way of thinking can effect results too. Go into a ritual feeling powerful!


This first part is the Northern Direction if you are starting with easily measured results. Become aware of what you can see, hear, smell, taste, and even feel. Potentially practice removing some sense from use, by an exercise of looking at a burning candle in the dark, then blowing it out, knowing as becoming aware of senses other than the visual.

Hearing protection, such as taking a break from flavor of some kind such as sweetness. This can be a fast from refined sweetener, because candy can lose its sweetness. Switch to another flavor, such as salted oatmeal with the possibility of not adding certain things to a drink such as coffee, so the additions will again stand out.

Afterward you will be ready to evaluate details of how your perceptions have changed, with some people journaling about this. And other people just, logging their progress, in the form of internet entries. This will be a more literally existing evaluation of the great many hidden details, so fire with its truth and structure will during the appropriate time reveal both structure and truth.

Once this structure and truth is revealed, the knowing of the air-element will happen. And you will find in shock, how certain people share your perspectives. This is experience based knowing of intuition, with it differing from, logic based knowing of a right hand path of a strong and orthodox student, but one resulting from passion and willpower.

Then when things are revealed, it will be a storm of action, followed by demons disappearing, because need to have time to adjust to these explosive changes. This spiritual progress requires a certain amount of physical realm of planning, just like physical progress will create potential for great amounts of spiritual involvement.


I’m the same- nothing. Exhausted. Does any of this magic actually work?? All these success stories and I have nothing but failure…all the time. Heartbreaking.


One thing it took me a very long time to understand was “purity of intent”. Now I believe it is the be all and end all of all magick. You can copy any number of rituals out of books, magic squares, candle burning, yada yada. For years I thought this was magick, and got nowhere, no results, nothing. You need to be inflamed with desire, not approaching the subject as an experiment or reading recipes out of a book. This is not cookery - it is investing your very essence up to the cosmos. Any ritual, no matter how great or small, will yield results if you pour your heart and soul into it.


That’s great advice, but trust me there is nothing more I want in my entire life than what I am working on…and no signs at all. I’m exhausted by emptying myself everytime I do a ritual/spell. Difficult to accept some people are successful and others failures (like me).


A couple of observations. “No signs” - sometimes they can be a while in coming, or, they are there but for whatever reason we cant see them. “Exhausted and emptying” - whatever you are doing, you do not want to feel you have depleted all of your energy. Any ritual may make you feel tired, but none should make you fundamentally “emptied”. To this end I would check the system you are using. Lastly, your final comment suggests there are two types of people in this world: successes and failures. This is something you may currently believe, but I can assure you some of my greatest failures have been immeasurably more rewarding that my best-ever achievements!


Just frustrated and emotional! Thanks for your reply! It’s amazing to see so many success stories on this forum…I’m jealous!

To anaswer your question; been using Gordon Winterfields book Magikal Attack and sigil work trying to call upon the demons for my petitions.


Ok. Since you are reading that may I suggest his “demons of magick” book? You may find that kick-starts your magick. I have no idea why but these agents do get things moving when you are at an impasse. Good luck!


Reading that book also! Is there any section/part you’d recommend specifically? Thanks for your patience!


I actually found it quite intoxicating (especially the physical cues to the demons) - so much so that I put some workings on the “back burner”. I have the tablet edition. My advice is to read it again and again until ONE demon becomes clear. Don’t ask/petition/nothing just read through again and again - and ONE demon will stay with you (don’t critically challenge). Winterfield is quite vague about this. After a week/2 weeks whatever you will have your demon. Revert to me if you like at that point. Good luck!


I have been there myself. Check out an old thread of mine from 2015 called ‘I Am Done.’

I tried to give up magick after ten years with very little results. But magick woukd’t let me go.

I was told by the great Belial that Spirit moves in its own time. It cannot be forced. When i stopped trying so hard, everything began to open up for me.

I was also warned to stop comparing myself to others on the forum. Take inspiration from their experiences but don’t count yourself out just because you have not yet reached their level.


Believe don’t dobit


Dobit is a block in magic


You can learn astrology and get an idea of when things will happen. You might even realize you don’t need rituals to get results, because everything that you’re supposed to have will be given to you anyway.


I read your post! I’m just trying to perform tasks and get results…seems like I am getting nonwhere and time is ticking. I’m trying to change events and a situation before it develops further and it seems like I have no control and going the other direction to what I am trying to manifest.


I completely understand. I was trying to solve all my financial problems with magick and stop negative situations from progressing further but it nevr worked out in the time frame i tried to impose.


What do you want to feel?