Why is this happening? Am I being warned?

Over the past few weeks every time I do anything related to magick, for example casting a spell, doing research on magick related things, carving a candle or meditating, things don’t seem normal. For example I’m about to do a spell and suddenly all the dogs on my block start barking including my own dog, or my dog just start growling non stop, and at night time someone in my house will just randomly wake up and go to the bathroom making an a lot of noise. And this has been happening for the past few weeks EVERY time I practice magick. Is it a sign or plain paranoia?

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I think it Could surely be a sign like your actions or attempts to bring results in some way actually do in Outwardly noticeable ways, or it could even be something meant to distract from progress, or both. I Would definitely way on being a sign though.

Out of the times I’ve tried things, opening sigils or summoning entities or doing some spells, Somebody or Some animal (or some technology as is common imo/e with spells), reacted in a very noticeable way.

Either by somebody waking up, or becoming more aggressive, or with dogs them barking or growling (I think dogs can see or sense clear enough stuff really well on average), or technology becoming jammed or lagging/freezing. Any type of ritualistic or empowering process i’ve seen can show results like that, and especially for those individuals who are in the right intuneness with their more fundamentals parts/source of power/properly utilizing charging or affect/change in the processes

I Would take it as a Surely plausible sign either way of doing exact right things, and to keep doing it to get more results, or thinking of what more you might want to do with it. If I hadn’t experienced it like every time too i Might doubt it, but if I experienced it i’m sure you can or do

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Probably just in your head , take it easy and keep practicing

Thanks thats really helpful, this has never happened before, but maybe I should treat it like a positive sign until its intentions becomes more clear.

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Thank you. I’ll keep practicing until I know what the signs might mean. Maybe just a way of letting me know a higher entity is here or listening.

I had a friend who was baptized catholic when he turned into wicca, the entities protecting catholisism (lesser angels creatures created by the thoughts of fundamentalists) harassed him, not leting him progress in unexpected ways but always the same pattern trying to make him feel giulty

it happend with other religions as well as they have this protective creatures
I have know this case this creatures harassed him tring to put guilt on him
but I know other cases of evangelical christians, and they harass in a much more aggresive way

if you belonged some how even in paper to a religion and you turned to another it might be the case of this “lesser angels” stopping you from progress

I have posted before in another thread an “angel trap” for this purposse cause I have been harassed by them too and after I did the trap they never bother me anymore.