Why is none of it working?

How come not one of my love or money spells has worked yet? I feel like something is missing.

well one reason is your energy about a certain thing was fully exhausted in the ritual. EA says if you are on the ground in tears and ready to pass out then you did it correcty. you also gotta forget about it ( easier said than done) if you can hear spirits ask them why it hasnt come to you yet and see what they say. sometimes demons wont make it happen with no effort they help you and do certain things. i would ask the spirits what u r doing wrong and ask them to help u

I think most magicians on here would agree that the two things you are asking for (the two most common btw) are the two most difficult for magick to bring about. It can bring money through already existing channels like work. It won’t just be handed to you. And with love, if a person doesn’t already like you, it’s tough to change that.it can bring someone new, but not normally make you attractive to a certain person if you currently repulse them.

Do you have an avenue for the money to manifest? A job, a business?

Love work is a whole other thing, you’d need to explain what you’re doing and on the type of person you’re targeting

Do you have a mentor, a spirit who you work with a lot and can answer this?

That seems to be the key difference between people who get consistanmt success and people who wing it from one spell or working to another, having patchy results.

Yes I’m biased in favour of this due to my own experiences, but I think a pact of some kind, a close working alliance with a spirit (which doesn’t have to be a demon) is going to change things for you.