Why is Enochian so powerful?

I met the local leader for the OTO today while we were running our booths at a convention. We got talking about different currents and how they differ and Enochian came up.

Everyone I’ve talked to emphasizes the word POWERFUL (sentence enhancers typically used before that in entertaining fashion)

I’ve read up a bit on it and it seems like it could be any other pantheon of entities with it’s own version of Hebrew. It’s odd and I’ve heard they aren’t exactly benevolent entities (who also claim they’re Angels).

Why is this current so powerful and why isn’t it explored more? I want to learn deeply about it. Is it the potential to fuck yourself up with it like using nuclear power to run a sedan?

Who’s worked it and why didn’t it become your main system? It’s beyond the hipster value point. It sounds like the most powerful stuff available. Why isn’t it discussed more?


I’ve toyed with it, but it is a very complicated system, requiring squares and tables, and a lot of accoutrements. Far more than even the Golden Dawn system, with its three different types of wands and other nonsense, which is why I never got very far into it.

The angels are not benevolent, but they are not malevolent either. They are indifferent, in my experience. They exist in a different current to the more well known angels, in a way similar to how Ahriman is of a separate current from the demons of the Goetia.

It is powerful for sure, but I found it very much like Voudon, in that things have to be done in a certain way or the angels will not respond. You cannot change something or you risk short circuiting everything.


Did you check into Bardon’s last book yet? I keep saying there is a connection between those methods and Enochian and I believe a way to hotwire it as well.

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Interesting, I know the GD went off and changed a lot of the methods and adapted them to their own stuff. I wonder if any of it could work from a chaos magick approach and if not that fundamentally shows something peculiar given that the current works, but is outside of chaos magick potential. Fun to think about.

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Haven’t started the 3rd yet/ Still on IIH at the moment, though I’m stoked to get to it


You have to read the algebra book before the calculus. Trust me it will answer a lot of questions even if you read ahead just to see what waits in the higher levels or gain some insight into lower level mechanics.
Enochian is the calculus, Bardon’s is the algebra and precalc stuff.


The Enochian tongue seems very versatile. It has been used in everything from angelic evocation to Laveyan Satanism so I would say it has a lot of potential for use within the Chaos Magick paradigm.

I’ve wondered if the Enochian squares could be opened via EA’s techniques. I tried with the “dangerous” square posted to the forum but didn’t have any luck with it.

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I’m deeply curious why and how it would be dangerous? What is the warning against happening? It sounds very very deep

The warning given was because it’s activation sets spiritual forces in motion in the life of the magician that tear everything apart. As EA noted, it is suggested never to use the square unless you were ready for immediate spiritual Ascension. The square contains the forces of Fire and Air and burns. The reasoning is not unlike that given for spirits like Belial, come to think of it.

Of course, many on the forum did just that, but only a few described their experience. It apparently didn’t work for everyone, but I remember one person mentioning some kind of surgery was performed on him.


Oh wow… So it’s sort of like putting a V12 F1 motor in car with rusted axles then. Need to have the proper foundation to build a skyscraper or else it’ll just fall through the frozen lake?


I believe that Enochian is a technology that was well beyond it’s time when D. Dee and Kelly recieved it. It seems to be a quantum level computer language or cipher of some kind.

I recently realized that some of the Enochian language derived from it can be used in chants similar to how Buddhist monks and Hindus chant mantras. It is way more than just the demonic tongue that E.A., V.K. Jehannum, @C.Kendall and @Micah discovered.

I further theorize that this may be the “8th dimensional” language that theoretical physicists think that holds reality together.

Several technologies have already been derived from it, especially in the world of cryptoanalysis. Why do you think that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and other global intelligence agencies are still secretly studying the Enochian system. When the British built the first computer to break the Nazi’s Engima code, they referred to their predescessor, Dr. Dee’s Enochian technology to help figure it out.

Irony, where’d you think the Nazi’s derived the complex Engima code from? Yes, there are striking similarities between Enochian and Engima.

Some of you on this forum know what I’m alluding to.


I’m not sure, to be honest. What EA wrote about it in Evoking Eternity was just about the warning, and that the square should only be used for “the most pure goals.”

The one member who mentioned the surgery had opened the square and asked for all inner obstacles to his Ascent be removed.

Maybe it’s time to bust out that square and give it another go? After all, my life can’t really fall much further, and my house has already burned down :slight_smile:


You just blew my mind several times. I’ve been talking about quantum computing with a friend of mine who is a mathematician lately and I subscribe to the belief that our reality is indeed a simulation. Curious what the very machine language off existence is and this is a a big, blaring signpost.

I also had no idea about Enigma being related to Enochian…


He does literally say it is a power source. Air and fire feed each other into a raging inferno and while it likely has many applications the most basic is basically a reactor which doesn’t surprise me that not many people can handle it as most of the style of magick EA talks about does not emphasize strengthening the astral body to handle such direct methods of channeling energy but from what I see goes for more roundabout methods of wielding power which becomes problematic if you suddenly plug the astral version of a nuclear reactor into yourself.
You might also see it as the Enochian version of Kundalini and not the nice pleasant kundalini that a lot of people talk about but the kind you are warned about triggering before you have prepared yourself to withstand it.


Wait, really? My sympathies man… That’s insane. Hope that ends really well somehow…

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Enochian is so powerful and flexible. It has been used on almost every paradigm, including Chaos magick. One of the authors I mentioned above uses it with Latin with his spells and incantations.


A great book about Dr. Dee and Enochian that came out last year is by Jason Louv. Amazon.com Kindle is your best bet.


Really interesting podcast here about “Enochian military technology”. Even if it’s a complete fabrication, it makes an intriguing sci-fi story.



Hiya OP! Enochian is like spiritual robotics, in that the rituals are coded programs to elicit a response from the system. Try putting some Enochian energy into you when you’ve gotten the hang of it- enochian augmentations are a big help in deciphering confusions, but also in making your stuff more reliable! :slight_smile:


Thank you for mentioning the severity of the latter point you made there @anon47923162,

I rarely find another individual that has experienced the intensity of the Full kunda activation before I became a practiononer… I’m lucky I had not been paralyzed due to how violently ida/pingala ascended, especially that first time, when I had no clue what was happening… Causing me to begin my magick. Journey…
Since that day I’ve raised it coutless times and matched the intensity where 8 ha e been thrown from my body… Now two. Years later, I can utilize it into a blissfull nirvanah trance state like I have never experienced

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