Why i keep asking about spirit foxes

So im sure people have seen the post i made on…spirit foxes…and how to shapeshift and obtain the power of one…but i never gave a reason why i have become stuck on the subject…well that us until now…so one night i had a vision…or somthing along the line…i only ever had this feeling one other time…back when that nightclub shooting happened in florida i sort of predicted it…and the feelings are 100% the same… so when i had the
Vision i saw a spirit fox which in truth it was the first time i even come across them or for that matter heard of them …and somthing came over me…the feeling i had wasnt fear, it wasnt intrest, it was more like a calling…like light at the end of the tunel type of thing…like it was all could see. I dont really have an answer why… or why i think like that now…or am trying to go down the path of the fox…but it just feels so right… like for the first time in my life im maybe understanding myself a little more…so i decided to study. Learn all i can…and since i feel it is the path for me…maby not for every one… i have to see it through to the end. If anyone has any questions on what the i saw in vision…ill be posting that in another article…until then i
just thought ide share why foxes​:fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:


That’s really nice, btw you can try satanic lycanthropy or mental shapeshifting if you want to connect more with the Fox. It helps with ascent altogether and is a good exercise

Thank you…ill give thay a try