Why I follow The Middle Hand Path

So for the older members of the forum who remember me, you’ll remember that I have practised both the right hand and left hand path. I began working on the RHP as I first got into the occult. I refused to work with demons and demonic spirits as they terrified me. I have since learnt to let go of said fears and certain demons remain on my hearth.

Now what did the RHP offer me? Well, it offered me insight into how magick worked. I began with making my own bind runes and summoning the Olympic Spirits(not to be confused with the Olympians). I believe the right hand path can in fact be a good introduction into the occult as if you are filled with fear, the RHP can relieve you of those fears for a while.

Now when I worked on the LHP, I learnt that demons were not to be feared. They were to be respected. They were no more dark than the spirits I was working with on the RHP and those spirits on the RHP were no more light than the demonic spirits. They just have different levels of intensity; while the RHP spirits I worked with would use a gentle nudge in the right direction for you, the LHP spirits I worked with were direct and firm. “IF you don’t do this, you won’t get to where you want to be.” In time I had learnt to respect and learn from some of the goetia I have worked with.

King Paimon was always firm and direct for me. Letting me know that my old path was not right for me(following the Christian faith).

Did I learn from both? Yes. I felt as if I had to balance between both paths. There is no darkness without light, chaos without order etc that whole spiel. So I began working with both. I’ve kept both paths in my current workings.

What paths you choose are up to you; regardless of LHP, RHP or the Middle Hand Path. Whatever you feel helps you on your ascention. This is merely a story of why I chose to follow my path the way I do.

So mote it be,


I love your take on this. I’ve been following the RHP myself, but at times have felt the “temptation” of the LHP. I recently learned it is essential to embrace both the light and the dark within oneself before truly being capable of walking the middle path, but I, like you in your beginning, have many fears. I hope to better understand my inner polarities in the near future (which I’ll admit are quite extreme, hence why I hesitate to consult the LHP for help). Regardless, my goal is to eventually come to where you seem to be at this time.

Congrats on your discoveries and spiritual evolution thus far! I wish you much more success on your journey.


This is my own understanding on the types of paths which might interest you

Right hand: Follow God.
Left hand: No Gods, No masters. Ascent. Becoming your own God.
Both hand: Harmony with RHP & LHP. (might be related to Taoism (yin & Yang)
Middle hand: Related to Buddhism, “Middle Way”

Feel free to change my views


Since you working on both can i ask you that what do different realm spirits wants you to do, and di they expect any how or low from you, and do they consider influencing this word hard or easy with or withou human medium?

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Right hand path: connecting to source , unity and serving your cosmic and divine mission.
Left hand path: separation from source duality and choosing your own path
Middle hand path: Being connected to source and separated in the same time Balance with duality and non duality


@magic.check nice classification. I like your version better as it aligns with my personal gnosis a little more.

Mainly because I believe God or any gods at that to be different from source. Mabye expressions of it in many instances but still separate.


(Again personal gnosis not saying I know the way or anything :joy:)

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Tough question. I suppose it varies from time to time. I suppose in my experience with the Olympians, they don’t usually require human mediums. Take what I say with a grain of salt but fiction can influence and be based off of reality. In Rick Riordan’s series Percy Jackson, the Olympians will seat at the power of the west and so far that’s the US. From what I’ve seen, yeah; the Olympians have a lot of influence in the States without human mediums. Consider the Military industrial complex in the states. Would that not be Ares’ doing?

The Norse gods I have worked with; its a mixed bag. Loki doesn’t really require a medium. He’s an agent of chaos. I think those that are typically “light spirits” are usually those that use a “gentle push” into the right direction. I see it like this, they can only help those who are willing to help themselves.

“Dark spirits” like the goetia tend to be more direct. They’ll let you know they are there and they’ll let you know what you need to do. Their energies are a lot more intense and you will know they are there. King Paimon is on my hearth and anytime I connect with him, I know he is there. Shax as another, I know he’s around when I feel him push into my third eye on my temple. It’s often times painful.

To have a TL;DR. Yes and no. The Egyptians for instance, well they got their start as humans a lot of them were pharaohs and in my experience with Thoth, he told me; “we were all pharaohs once before and that includes you Mani.” There are those that do find it easy and those that find it difficult without a human medium. Often times having an “avatar” if you will, discovering your godself and the likes

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I believe everything is connected to the source; the universe. I believe everything is a manifestation of the universe. Most of my experiences in life have happened through causality. I believe there are fixed points in time that cannot be changed no matter how hard you try. A friend of mine described causality as followed.

Imagine you know you’re going to die in a car accident. You do everything to avoid it; stay out of cars, don’t even drive them and by some freak occurance a car crashes through your house. Technically, you died in a car accident. And that’s causality.

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I like this view of yours to. It can be very reasonable in many cases.

I however believe in the multiverse theory myself, (again just personal gnosis) it empowers me to choose which path to follow as my own right instead of determined by fate.

Ive seen some dark places in my life.
It’s empowering when life destroys you to think of simply being in the start of your own movie.
Your the superhero as a regular looser just before you turn your life around and choose to make a change.

That belief in :
“i can’t control which reality I’ve already passed through in the past”
“I can however choose which reality I write for myself in the future”
Has allowed me to literally start my craft and casting some crazy magic.

Similar to the as within so without.


ah yes, I also believe in the multiverse. Newtons third law I feel also applies on the cosmic level. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. That day you chose to wear a certain outfit instead of another exists in a different universe. You use a coin flip to determine what to do in your life, the opposite choice exists in another universe. Everything exists simultaneously yet also doesn’t exist.

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