Why I am against the idea of past changing

So I mainly made this for Demeter. Recently I have been aggressively soapbox preaching against people desiring to change the past. If I had discovered this place in 2009 I would have begged people to change my past foto me. Back then My friend died and I was desperate to change the past. I knew no magick and desired the help of ‘magicians’ who would surely help me if I paid the price. I planned on spending my inheritence on four different magicians but before I had a chance to pay I got a voice in my head from my friend telling me that trying to change the past was fruitless, that any magicians offering past change are charlatans and even if I learnt magick myself it wouldn’t work and would be waste if time. Bad shit happens in life and you need ti learn from it. I learnt to treat every day like your last and to let go of past mistakes. I hope that people here learn too.

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Moralizing…not okay here…please stop it.
Though I don’t care for that type of magic myself, I don’t care if others do it, unless it affects me negatively, at which point I consider it baneful magic and retaliate.


Tbh I don’t even think that it’s possible

OK, Thank you for your perspective. I too have lost dear ones. That’s hard stuff to go through even though it is the stuff of life.


Then why do you keep talking on and on about it?


Spirits of the dead don’t suddenly become more enlightened about these things by virtue of being spirits. They are often just as opinionated in death as they were in life. Some of them can do work or have some capacity to see future events, but most of them can’t do much of anything. The point is, don’t put too much faith in the dead until they have proven their merit and even then recognize that they have their limitations


Bc I think it’s a waste of time only causing disappintment and more sucfering to those with a bad past

If she were alive she probably would have said the same thing

Thanks for your kind words too

Which is kind of my point. And it’s no claim to expertise in the matter. I am not arguing whether retroactive magic is even a thing. I am pointing out that how you reached that conclusion is incredibly flawed.


You’re talking about a personal level though, which is different to what you took up arms against here: Discussing Retroactive Magick by derailing a topic someone made thanking me for stuff. :thinking:

I don’t do magick to alter my own past “mistakes,” me (and my old man) are doing work, ongoing, to change wider issues. And that is really all I have to say on this.

While I am the last person to mock people for taking voices in their head seriously, I question how much you have studied time and perception, the Kybalion, and so on?

Also since you originally addressed this specifically TO me, calling me “grossly irresponsible” & “stupid and immoral” and then flinging out “chalatan” as well, I would like to point out that I do not, and never have offered paid magickal services, not even for “donations” or gifts, so how I can be a charlatan when I refuse to take on personal cases, and refuse any kind of material or other recompense, is frankly beyond me. :man_shrugging:

I am addressing this because this is how rumours start - a mention that goes unaddressed, an assumption that gets taken on by others who are newer to the forum, etc.

if you wish to do a little framing around this topic, pick your sitter with more care.

I can send you a series of tutorials for core shamanism which will permit you some degree of closure perhaps, if you learn the method and are willing to communicate with their Higher Self.

I did this when one of my parents died, and it was an immense blessing.


Fixing wider issues is even more fucking irresponsible. I don’t know what kind of issues you are supposedly trying to fix but if it were theoretically possible that could fuck up the entire universe. Honestly it sounds very tiring and a lot of effort for something you can’t even prove is working. Are you the one who saved Nelson Mandela in jail and changed jif peanut butter? Yes I sound bitchy but I am a fucking bitch and my illness makes me extra bitchy so fuck it. I wish you no ill wills personally.

Okay ma’am, please tone down the abuse and moralising and general drama starting NOW: I do not care what you believe, and preaching morality and dogma on here as you have is completely against the forum’s rules, which I encourage you to read: BALG RULES - Please read them!

I see you have more or less spammed this forum since you joined with moralising posts, and have now glommed into ME as a target for your issues, please cease and desist, it’s against the forum rules and will not make you any happier.

I am going to put a 24 hour restriction on your posting so you don’t run into any problems while you’re evidently upset, we’ve all been there, and I will also PM you some tutorials you can use to seek closure on the losses and pain you suffered, after that if you want to talk about how to get out of your powerless state and start to learn magick (instead of trying to dictate to others) then you will be welcome to post about your questions and experience.

I’m also going to tidy all your stuff on this into one location, and then Unlist it. If you want to come back and make a fresh start tomorrow once the restriction lifts, that’s great. :+1: