Why gratitude and happiness for a thing in my life always backfires and give opposite results?

I am very very confused now. I observed in my whole life that, whenever I become happy, grateful for a thing in my life; it just take away from my life within few hours or days. For example:

  1. In my past relationship, one day after watching a romantic movie, I felt grateful to have relationship with my girlfriend. After 3 days, she broke up with me.

  2. I had a very good friendship with one of my classmates. One day I feel grateful to have such friendship. After one week, he ignored me & our friendships became over.

  3. Anytime in my business, when a techniques works; I feel happy & grateful for it. Few hours/days later, that techniques backfires. Either not work or give loses.

  4. In my healthy times, whenever I think & happy that “I am so healthy now, so energetic”…Few days later I got ill like fever, headache etc. and need to go hospitals.

There are countless examples in my life which I can not find a link between.

Does gratitude & feeling happy for a thing backfires. I read the gratitude book “The Magic” by Rohanda Bryne, used it for 30 days…And my life was very miserable after it, which I just can not share. While gratitude it feels good, but after it why I always get negative results.

After observing all my life situations, I came to conclusion that I will never feel gratitude to anything in my life with the fear of getting opposite result. Ok, one last example: I did a ritual for one of my desire. It manifested within few days. I felt grateful & happy for it, then it taken away from me.

I am just frustrated…I gues gratitude do not works for me…Why Why this is happening with me. Please help me anyone.

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Did you do any rituals on this book or

I did and it backfired. The book said, list all good things in your life, find benefits from them and give sincere gratitude for it. I did and all backfired. It was one year ago and I stopped following the book.

My personal opinion is that by focusing too much on something already happening, and charging it with extreme emotions, you flip the situation… or cause the opposite to happen. It’s a form of a curse or evil eye, known in many cultures. The evil eye doesn’t have to be full of hate or anger or hidden evil intentions, this is a common mistake. The most powerful effect of the evil eye is exactly what you’re describing.

I explain it by the the law of rhythm. When you push a situation or event or thought or emotion to extreme point… it will swing to the opposite side with the same force. To avoid that, you need to be balanced in your thoughts and emotions. That’s the normal state. When your thoughts and emotions are unbalanced - even in a positive way - you may cause unbalanced situations to occur.

That doesn’t mean not to be happy … just don’t focus on the thing that caused that happiness too much, express your emotions freely and naturally without attachment.

And that book… “The magic” is one of the worst books I ever read in my life. Seems harmless but it’s nothing but brainwashing.Not a single useful information in the entire book. Not one! But it will make you feel good and happy like any cheap drug. I would never recommend it to anyone.


You need to do cleansing ritual
And maybe summon Raphael/other arch angel to help you get rid of it

There’s an article somewhere in this forum about spells that backfire and how to fix it, you should check it out

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I too read that book, the testimonials inside it give us goosebumps and it make us to try that thing.
I never accomplished anything from that.
I too was strong believer of the LOA.
They do have exaggerated too much in that book but in reality it might be or might not be hold good. Most of the cases it won’t.
Well if you start seeking answers, why you are gratitude fails. I can give n number of reasons.
Gratitude is not everything, gratification is the state of mind which influences your positive events.
To equate the equation, gratitude is just the part of equation.
When LOA didn’t worked out, I came across LHP.
When it comes to manifestation, LHP is the best and shortest path to it.
You can get to learn many things in here.

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What is LHP? Do you mean left hand path?

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Thanks for your opinion. It make sense…May be my happy emotions are evil eye…

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Can you recommend any good books for LHP practices?

I’m too new to this path, I use search option which is available in above toolbar. Where you can find lot of topics (which are your interests).

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