Why don't the spirits reveal themselves to mankind en masse?

Has anybody asked the spirits life’s eternal questions? But would be the point, they could be lying after all. What do they do all day/night? What is their grand plan in their master’s kingdom?

I personally have many questions for them. Will they be truthful? What do they think/feel about their impending destruction? Or do they pray for some kind of redemption.

It’s a good question and i’m putting in my thoughts on this I think they all do in many ways if you read mankinds evolution you will/should see key points throughout our history making one or more major events (such as war) now let’s take Azazel for instance two over written facts are always present the energy connected are making weapons of war well I’m sure the important idea of constructing a weapon that would knock off the enemy this “idea” just didn’t come randomly but from a “source” and the idea I believe was implanted by you guessed it a source it may have been any force that knew this(would fulfill itself) would bring about the desired outcome. the cosmetics well again look at the leaders of the makeup industry same concept, all through history these have always been teaching,giving ideas to become like them a raw force that is I am now I personally don’t think that any "redemption will ever be “needed” for they simply are and will always be here for us that are seeking our own Goddess/God within and magic this is one of the true questions that defy a logic answer though it works and for some faster than others and for some slower than others but but it works, as for the "lying’ part you have to be strong enough in your own right and to know whats hard core truths and what’s not

Who says that they’re not around us? We just can’t see them until we train our sight to see them, unless we’re born as sensitives, and in that case, we can always seem them.

Oh sorry I didnt make myself clear I was trying to give a point that non magic persons that invented these tools( and take credit for the new found idea) I didnt mean this to offend anyone on here

To answer the op question, my 2 cents are: Because 90 % of mankind are total asses.

and if you ask all the living humans one by one if they’re asses or cool guys,the respond would be the same…

‘‘i’m not an ass bro.all the others are, except me’’

and if you ask all the living humans one by one if they’re asses or cool guys,the respond would be the same…

‘‘i’m not an ass bro.all the others are, except me’’[/quote]

Lol. Me, I don`t feel much part of mankind at all…actually I despise it the more time goes by. Not hate…but I despise them for sure.

i’ve been badly damaged psychologicaly by humans.from friends,from family,even from strangers…now it’s difficult to trust someone…all i have is a bad taste of the human ego.i was weak for a long time and everyone took advantage of this to smack me down even more.humans like to do this you know.show them that you’re weak and in need of help,and then you’ll see the ugly face of the human ego.i don’t despise anyone.i prefer to protect and help those who are weaker than me…