Why don't I see Dantalion as often when it comes to love spells?

The most common demon I see people talk about when doing love spells is Sallos. I looked through a bunch of old posts in this forum concerning the difference between love demons but I can’t seem to find a concrete answer on what exactly Dantalion does. I know that he specializes in thoughts/love, not lust particularly but romantic love. Actually I get the impression from reading Dantalion posts that he’s more of a thought demon than a love demon.

Like seriously what is the difference between Dantalion influencing a person to love someone else romantically, VS someone asking Sallos to do the same thing?

Think mind versus heart.

Influencing the mind is not the same thing as influencing emotions. You can think you’re in love with someone, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your heart will agree. You can make yourself believe you’re in love, but then , when you spend time with the person, you realize that there’s no chemistry, no spark, nothing between you.

Most people are ruled more by their emotions than their thoughts, and if there is a tug of war between the heart and mind, the heart will win 99% of the time. This is one of the reasons why some people will return to a bad relationship, even when they know it isn’t good for them.


In my opinion, Dantalion would be good for starting a relationship. Not making someone fall madly in love with you, but instead, something like convincing them to go on a first date. Sometimes, all you need is to be given a chance to ignite that ever elusive spark with someone, but you just can’t get your foot in the door because the person you’re interested in might have doubts or past traumas that prevents them from taking a risk.

Yes, you can petition Sallos for the same thing, and no, retracting your petition will not offend Dantalion. Simply apologize for your error, and make him an offering. Mistakes happen, and spirits understand that.


Thanks I’ll do another next Friday night.

As a side note, I did notice I had an unusually hard time petitioning last night. Had trouble disposing of the paper too. So I wonder if that was a sign I shouldn’t have petitioned Dantalion.


The thing is a lot of times thoughts create your emotions. (now I don’t think that is true when it comes to attachments to other people, or picking up people’s vibes.) I actually did a get my ex back spell on this guy I knew was “no good for me”, but mostly because I didn’t think there was a better way to deal with the problems that come from him leaving.

I got too mired in what a small group of people said was “reality” even though, looking back on it, I realize the size of their circles, something that determines what they think is possible, and what they think is not.

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